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    Default REVIEW: The Manhattan Projects, #10

    "The Manhattan Projects" #10 kicks off a new storyline inside the mind of Joseph Oppenheimer. Jonathan Hickman and guest artist Ryan Browne present another new world filled with craziness and bloodlust in the process.

    Full review here.

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    I was blown away by this book, as per usual. If Manhattan Projects was the only comic I had to pick up in any given week, I would still hit the store. Pretty soon, we'll be able to purchase two Hickman written Image comics a month... :D Christmas came early this year, boys and girls.

    Edit: In my fervor I forgot to mention that Browne does indeed do a hell of a job trying to fill Pitarra's shoes. Nearly seamless, great work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lefthighkick View Post

    Edit: In my fervor I forgot to mention that Browne does indeed do a hell of a job trying to fill Pitarra's shoes. Nearly seamless, great work.
    Agreed. The art was noticeably different, but perfectly in tone with what Pitarra has established as the look for the series and not really... lesser, in any way. Just different. Collected in trade I doubt the change in artists would be terribly noticeable.

    This was my favorite issue since #6, I think. The Star City issue. Really interesting imagery. I actually had a nightmare that centered around the visual of the headless horse.

    The Oppenheimer Civil War should be fun to watch unfold.

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    Really enjoyed this issue. Browne does a fantastic job as fill-in in keeping the look that Pitarra has been doing. This is really going to be an interesting story to come back to as an in-between arcs story. I'm actually now very eager to see how Browne handles taking over art duties for Bedlam as taking over from Rossmo isn't going to be easy and I imagine the change there will be noticeable.

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    Man, this book somehow keeps doing it every month. I absolutely loved this issue - one of my favorites so far, and it's probably the best display of the red/blue coloring that's been used throughout the series. I honestly didn't even notice the art change, because I completely forgot about it, so I wasn't looking for it (I'm sure if I look back at it, I'll see it now); so for that, Browne did a great job as a fill-in.

    With that awesome ending, I'm really looking forward to the Oppenheimer Civil War. Plus, East of West #1 is out this week!
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    Fantastic issue. We should all look forward to the alien and Truman becoming important leaders or pawns in the coming civil war. And some blue Oppenheimers showing up in the distant background. Of course, every issue has topped what I looked forward to, so who knows what'll really happen??
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