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    Default When Words Collide - Mar 11, 2013

    Tim returns to AFTER THEY WERE FAMOUS with a look at Peter Milligan's brief run on "Animal Man," where nothing was quite what it seemed.

    Full article here.

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    "I have never heard anyone else defend Truog's work, though, so I think I might be alone on this one."

    No it's not just you Mr Callahan, I've always thought that Truog's work on Animal Man was perfect for the the book to. Milligan's run though, was all too brief in my opinion.

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    I loved trougs work I always thought it fit the series better then Steve Dillon's the only time I had an issue with troug was on his last issue. He chose to ink his own work it stands out but not in the right way. It was it too gritty and did not look right. Steve Dillon is a fantastic artist but his stile did not fit Animal Man it was perfect for Hellblazer. that said Steve Pugh was and is the best artist to draw the series. that is both ongoing series look at Animal Man 51 his first issue the last page is heart breaking but the entire issues is still beautiful to look at as was his entire run . the only one who came close to being as good was Russel Braun who was a frequent guest artist. I loved millagans run as well as Jamie Delino Tom Vetch had a quite few good issues .Jerry PRosser could never get the mood right . I would love to see follow this artical with next three writers of Animal Man

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    Put me in the loves Truog's art-column too. Perfect for Morrison's run, wouldn't trade him for anyone.

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    nice time to talk about it, with this run just coming out in trade last month :)

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    IMO Steve Dillon's art is perfect for Animal Man. I always found it a little too clean for Hellblazer - though it's good there too.

    Chas Troug's work is okay though. The style completely fits the book and there are no storytelling issues.

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    Top piece, Timothy, it was a good run. And I like Chas Truog too.

    And if you're ever doing an Underrated series, Gerry Conway and Chris Batista's The Last Days of Animal Man would be a good place to start - and of course, it had Bolland covers.
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