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    Being smarter, faster, and being able to throw his knives accurately is a big reason why Chromeskull would best Leatherface.
    My point is that Leatherface would have to get his saw started, and get to Chromeskull before Chromeskull hit something vital from afar.
    It's possible Leatherface could do it, just not likely.

    This video showcases some of Chromeskulls feats.
    A pretty good speed feat was him diverting the shotgun into the kids head when it was less then a foot from him, I don't know if that would be speed or reaction time though.
    Another would be him taking out 3 armed men like it was nothing.
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    Please consider character feats carefully here. If one character has a history of fighting through getting a running chainsaw stuffed in their guts and other such durability things (horror movie villain stuff), it seems pretty unlikely that a thrown knife is just going to drop them.

    Additionally, I'm getting a little iffy on this thread. Given the level of gore in the posted videos, I'm thinking it crosses a line here for Rumbles, much as other horror villain threads have in the past. Thread closed, vids will be removed.


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