View Poll Results: How can writers and editors begin to make Wolverine likable again?

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  • Let him smoke cigars!

    84 34.15%
  • Have him drink alcohol other than "beer" and not just as a joke!

    58 23.58%
  • Have him shack-up in seedy hotels!

    36 14.63%
  • Let him have more sex with non-superheroes!

    27 10.98%
  • Have him mix it up with bikers, hustlers, and other street toughs!

    44 17.89%
  • Stop his constant moping about being a killer, something he's always been!

    111 45.12%
  • Stop his constant moping about being a leader, something he's never wanted!

    109 44.31%
  • Stop his being an eager Avenger/government lapdog/bitch!

    153 62.20%
  • Focus his hatred of Cyclops on Professor X's death; cut out 'Schism' and Jean Grey!

    42 17.07%
  • Make him a loner and rebel!

    85 34.55%
  • Undermine Wolverine: Origins, Origin, The First X-Men, and 'Sabertooth Reborn'! Restore the mystery!

    88 35.77%
  • Let him use more words like "flamin'" and "bub" in flavor!

    69 28.05%
  • Have him become super-close and trusted friend of all the female X-Men!

    30 12.20%
  • Figure out the other reasons why he was likable and put them into play!

    61 24.80%
  • Other: Please specify and share your story!

    37 15.04%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Renouncing his work at school, and ceding it to Cyclops.
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    Wolverine: the College Years.
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    They need to actually move him forward and have him make up with people. He separated from Scott just because his own childhood was ruined by death and violence. He has also helped make actual child killers. But he's blaming Scott for training X-men but not creating a prom every now and then. He's blaming Scott for killing Xavier and making him out to be a sadistic murderer.........while Logon constantly kills in sound mind while Cyclops was defending himself under the influence a cosmic entity. Of course Logan ignores that he was going to kill hope. Then his Jean grey obsession. His inability to be faithful.

    They have made him a very hyprocritical hero who is trying to be a boyscout but his actions are the exact opposite.

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    I don't think that something will help him as Marvel f*ck him as character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogmonsta View Post
    Two words...Seige Perilous ...
    Why Marvel hasn't visited what is on the other side is beyond me. Here's my story.
    The man known as Logan has lived hundreds of years and has fathered a handful of heirs to his name. After killing them accidentally years ago he has mourned the loss of his sons and daughters and the guilt has hit a boiling point. After learning of a lost son (the baby from the end of Mignolas Savage Land graphic novel) he travels back to the Savage Land to make things right and see how his son has grown. Not knowing that Sabertooth was the one who learned of this new son and is responsible with giving Logan the knowledge, has gathered some of Wolverines greatest enemies to finally take out the XMan in the heart of the Savage Land. As Logan reunites with his long lost son, his mortal enemies Sabertooth, Lady Deathstrike, Ogun and Omega Red open up the portal know as the Seige Perilous and throw Logans badly beaten (but still alive) into the abyss. Logans son, seeing his father lost forever, vows revenge upon Sabertooth and anyone who has crossed his father. As the XMen arrive to find his son in mourning he agrees to go back with them to learn about the world and help the XMen find his father. Going by the name Carnivore he joins XForce as their go to tracker with telepathic abilities. Give it 5 years. Put out a mini of Logan in the Seige Perilous and bring him back forgetting EVERYTHING!
    Agreed, if we can't retcon out Origin, Wolverine: Origins, bone claws and the Avengers we can at least restore his amnesia and maybe that will allow the character to grow again. In this respect Wolverine is similar to Doctor Who, both have suffered due to writers stripping away the mystery. If we restore the mystery to the character hopefully he can become likable again.

    It's a shame they didn't use the AOU storyline to clear out his past combined with the Siege Perilous to remove his memories.

    That being said I think that Paul Cornell is doing a fine job on the solo book at present and is going some way to restoring him.

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