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    Default The Last Threshold- R A Salvatore

    Can't confirm this. But apparently a long time Salvatore character "goes away" in this one.

    While i say that Salvatore is the ABSOLUTE MASTER in writing fight scenes. His "Journal Entries" for Drizzt was really tiring to read by now.

    Anyone planning to get this next week?

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    My wife was a big fan but she hasn't read his stuff for awhile. We're probably a few books behind in our collection.

    Met him 20 years ago in Denver and was able to hang out with him in a small writing Q&A group. Nice guy but can't say anything significant stuck in my mind.

    I think Drizzt is a great fantasy character but I haven't read too much of us stuff. I kind of always lumped his writing quality in with the likes of Eddings, Brooks, and Feist.


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