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    Default Christian Acapella Song Help


    So my brother and I cannot for the life of us remember the name of this song or this band. We used to listen to it a ton years ago and we are trying to figure out if anyone may know the name of it. I've tried searching Google and other various websites and no luck.. Biggest problem is that I really remember the lyrics that well.

    The beginning goes something like this: (I doubt this is all correct)

    "something the wind is blown here we go to and from"

    Then later on in the song it goes like a solo part:

    "Then go.. The storm is a special one to follow" They are a group of older people that sing Acapella and I thought I found it earlier but it wasn't the one that Google was trying to say that they were formed in 1982.

    Any help would be greatful..

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    Doesn't ring a bell.
    but... have you tried this site?


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