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    The champagne is poured and the chandeliers are hung for Chicago Mayor Bobby Chamber's annual Black and White Ball-but Ghost, Vaughn, and Tommy are crashing the party, determined to stop the imposter before he claims another life and tears open a rift between two worlds!

    Full article here.

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    I will never get tired of Noto's art. Beautiful stuff.

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    I would really love it if Ghost would continue after this, even if it was in a 3- or 4-issue mini-series format once a year. Noto's good, but I also wouldn't mind if they had to go with another artist because of his now busy schedule.
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    Kelly Sue Deconnick (really, 2012's break-out writer with this, Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble) and Phil Noto have knocked it out of the park with this mini I really like the characters and would love to follow them further. But if this is all we get, I'm quite happy with it!
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