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    Default EXCLUSIVE: McKeever Deals with Big Ideas in "Miniature Jesus"

    "Meta 4" and "Mondo" writer/artist Ted McKeever spoke with about bringing his unique take to a returned religious figure in his latest Shadowline/Image series "Miniature Jesus." Plus, an exclusive preview!

    Full article here.

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    I just hope this guy finally choose visually a path between his street-art background, his expressionistics aspirations and his mastered-realism that is able to provide.. He should be onto CONSTANTINE right now .. That said, I'm really really thrilled to see Mc Keever still around, and the direction his work is taking is absolutely awesome, as he made something completely personal and utterly accessible at the same time..I think only him and Sam Kieth are doing (and are able to do, actually) this type of things today, which makes of Mc Keever one of the most interesting artist of these days..
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