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    When it comes to Hellboy in Hell, as Tom Petty once said, "the waiting is the hardest part."

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    Yeah, well, about the panel and the tenacious movie questions,

    Quote Originally Posted by Middenway View Post
    I do appreciate the total openness of panels like these, towards all the questions, even if some of them might seem a li'l grating?
    And I reckon even the movie questions proved informative still, like when the question was raised about whether a BPRD tv show could be made and how they all went "we're not tv-show-makers so how would we know?"

    It seems to me that to a lot of people, as either reading comics or not, movies would seem the highpoint or pinnacle of a comic book, when at the same time it seems pretty clear that movies and comic books aren't the same thing necessarily.
    Personally speaking I'd say that such would work for both comics as well as in case of any books or stories for other mediums basically. I mean I wouldn't think it weird to read 'Peter Pan' or 'Trainspotting' or 'Being There' or Charles Dickens from a book.

    It does seem a little weird 'though, when at a panel or interview or such mr. Mignola explicitly states that he makes comics and not movies (except for design or graphical bits in cases), that people still keep on asking about movie-stuff instead of comics stuff.

    I guess it might be that maybe some people wouldn't feel to affiliate all too readily or smoothly with the visually clunky or narratively extraordinary world of Mignola, to which any motion capture stuff - even Del Toro's - would feel slightly more safe or less slippery?

    Toward which panels like these, or either well done interviews, might be taking away some of such insecurity or slippery seeming non-familiarity hopefully. Because when people can manage to let extraordinariness speak to them in the form of books or comics or even movies, then that can be really swell I'd say.
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