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    Default Barber Plots the Rise of Bumblebee and "Fall of Cybertron" for IDW

    Writer John Barber discusses his upcoming IDW "Transformers" one-shots, "Spotlight: Bumblebee" & "Fall of Cybertron," plus his plans for the Bumblebee-led "Transformers" ongoing series, "Robots in Disguise."

    Full article here.

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    I'm not normally aboard the complainer train, but would it be possible in the future to have someone *remotely* familiar with IDW's Transformer work to be doing interviews about their Transformers work? I respect Barber for being so patient with the interviewer.

    "How do these two stories tie in to the existing IDW "Transformers" continuity?"

    Well, one of them would not even *be* in the mainline Transformers continuity, which one would know if they read the issues or are familiar with any of the TF fiction over the last three years...

    "In "Fall of Cybertron," the Dinobots make an appearance. I can recall -- is this their first appearance in IDW "Transformers" continuity?"
    • A miniseries involving the Dinobots from Fall of Cybertron continuity literally just concluded.
    • IDW had a huge promotion around "Dinobot Month" several months back.
    • Grimlock has been a main character in Regeneration One.
    • Previous to all of this they had a miniseries devoted to them.

    "How do you draw the line between staying true to a classic incarnation of a character and doing something unique when dealing with a licensed property that's had so many different versions?"
    Barber has already written two different Bumblebees, one in the movie continuity and one in the Generation 1 continuity.

    It's not just these, but the stock questions at the end like:

    "What other projects do you have coming up?"
    "What would you transform into?"

    Seem to indicate the interviewer has zero interest in the property and couldn't effectively follow up. Obviously I love the TFs and am not trying to be super-biased here, but it would be nice to have someone interviewing who is actually a fan of the titles and yet can still ask questions.

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    Robots in Disguise and Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye are both good books.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Young Thanos View Post
    Robots in Disguise and Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye are both good books.
    Understatement of the year.
    If you added several 'very's in front of 'good books' you might begin to approach an accurate assessment of those books.
    Light years better than just about everything being put out by the Big Two.
    I believe all that needs to be said has been. So here’s my two cents.”
    -- ScottMC, inadvertently summing up the Internet.


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