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    This sounds awesome! I'll definitely give some of them a try. I hope they make "Secret Saturdays" and "ThunderCats" comics. Both great shows, wish they lasted longer.

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    More Samurai jack that possibly continues the story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelPaytonMZ View Post
    After 30 days IDW books are $1.99 on Comixology. Cheap enough for kids.
    That's if they put them on the kid-friendly version of ComiXology too (which I don't doubt they will).

    But it's always seemed counter-intuitive to me, anyway, to put the prices that high anyway. It wouldn't hurt IDW to consider a $2.50/$3 price point for their series aimed at younger readers ((Ka)Boom! could certainly consider the same), because they want to maximise sales and market penetration. And the higher the price, the harder that is to manage, because you're limiting your potential market with each rise in price. This is especially true when you consider the current economic situation (US and abroad). Heck, don't forget that $4 is still in the upper reaches of single issue prices, though it's getting more and more common as a price point.

    I think it would also depend on how much IDW are going to push this outside of Diamond. Are they going to work akin to Archie with this, i.e. trying to get it sold in supermarkets and so on? That alone would probably boost sales and increase visibility. Yeah, I know Diamond have the comics market by the proverbials, but the key to getting success in children's titles is low pricing and high availability. I would bet that Adventure Time & My Little Pony saw more sales from the teenage/adult markets than they did from the market they were 'truly' aiming for. That might make it a successful title, but it doesn't mean it's a successful children's title.

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    I want a Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends book. Right now. With visuals just like the show.

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    IDW publishing Cartoon Network comics?! That means we're getting closer to seeing Thundarr the Barbarian books!

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    Some nice news.
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    I certainly am interested in this as I grew up watching Samurai Jack and The Powerpuff Girls. It's also a blessing to see CN bringing back Powerpuff Girls to television in a new CGI show. I'm a little bit surprised that Powerpuff Girls and Samruai Jack isn't being released as manga in a license with Shonen Jump but this is still good news.

    However, more importantly, I wonder if this is a sign that a new Samurai Jack cartoon is in the works. I know that in interviews for Hotel Transylvania Genndy Tartakovsky revealed his plans for a new Samurai Jack movie with Sony and that he would like to create a new CGI Samurai Jack TV series for CN that would pick up where the original show left off at.


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