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    Post HEAVY WEAPON: My 80's Action Movie Graphic Novel is AVAILABLE NOW!!

    Heavy Weapon is AVAILABLE NOW for the DRM-free Digital edition!!

    I'm very aware that there are plenty of people out there trying to shill their personal projects, but if you take a few minutes to check out my preview, I think you'll see this is a very professional-level production...

    Be sure to check out the 15-page preview* before you continue:

    *The preview has been updated with FINAL PAGES for all
    15 pages, so check it out if you haven't seen it in a little while.


    Heavy Weapon is the ultimate homage to 80's action movies in graphic novel form! You can expect machine guns, muscles, action, one-liners and of course explosions! It has more 80's movie and cultural nods thank you can shake a sun-damaged VHS tape at!

    Vietnam veteran, and former member of an elite Special Forces group, John Magnum, left the military due to the tragic loss of his entire battalion while under his command. Since then, he has been consumed with guilt over the deaths of his men. He just wants to live a normal life and forget his violent past...

    ...But now, his former Commanding Officer, Colonel Deckard, has tracked him down to inform him that a small group of POWs, captured during the war 10 years ago, have been found, and are being used as slave labor for a drug cartel in Costa Rica. Deckard asks Magnum to accompany him as an escort on a Top Secret mission to rescue the POWs, but Magnum refuses...

    It's not his battle anymore.

    Only a few days later, Magnum is approached by his old friend Richter, the only survivor of Magnum's lost battalion. Richter presents Magnum with a surprising video tape revealing that Deckard and his crew have been captured, and are being tortured then killed one-by-one at the hands of a ruthless drug lord. Before the tape ends, Colonel Deckard makes a plea for help from Magnum.

    Magnum knows he can't let any more of his friends get killed and decides to go to Costa Rica to exact his revenge on everyone in his path on his mission to rescue Deckard, his team, and the POWs from the clutches of the heartless drug lord...


    How will I receive the digital copy?
    Your digital copy will be provided via a personal download link. I can email it to you or just PM you, your choice. All 3 formats will be available to download directly.

    Will there be normal softcovers or hardcovers?
    Absolutely. You can read the details about the different book types on the website in the About the Book section.

    Is it available anywhere else, or just your website?
    If you would prefer the book in Amazon Kindle, iTunes, or ComiXology formats, you will have to purchase the book from them directly at a later time. I'm working on that...


    The MUNITION EDITION will be priced at a later time, and full details of the extas will be announced with the price.

    - Extremely limited to no more than 250 copies.
    - All copies will be hand numbered, including matching numbered holograms.
    - Professional quality hardcover
    - Full color cover in high gloss laminate
    - The book will be in black & white with grayscale shading*
    - Art gallery and concept pages, a 'behind the scenes documentary' of the comic/story making process.
    - Page/book size will be 8" x 10"
    - Estimating about 300 pages. The story itself is 153 pages.
    - Each Munition Edition will be autographed and include a Certificate of Authenticity.
    - Extras will be included with the ME version, see below.

    - Ammo Box-style Packaging
    - Hardcover Book with exclusive cover
    - Challenge Coins
    - Dog Tags
    - Survival Knife & Chinese Dagger Bookmarks
    - Cloth Map.

    Here are a couple of prototypes of the Munition Edition (subject to change):

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    ..... .....
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    Small updates:

    I'll be placing my order of the die-cut bookmarks this week for the Munition Edition.

    I'm revamping the website a little more too. Hoping to get the public online store open for preorders, and then maybe I can start advertising outside of like 5 forums.

    Also, setting up the ComiXology version as well here soon. Looks like the price on the CX digital copy will probably be $3.99 since CX takes 50% of the profits, and that includes after the 30% cut iTunes takes. So, it costs more, and I make less, but then again, that's good advertising too.

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    FYI, as long as the Munition Edition is available, it will be listed as so in the main post. Some folks have been asking if they're still for preorder/sale or not...

    Currently, I'm down to 124 copies left available. This may not be the case by April.

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    100 copies of the Munition Edition remaining

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    An 80's video homage? Looks f*cking wild!

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    Yessir. It's got a little bit of everything from 80's action tropes in it. The way I see it; if you liked any 80's action movie, you're bound to find something appealing about Heavy Weapon.

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    One of these two will be the art used for the Munition Edition, and the other one will be the standard Hardcover's art.

    Here's the nearing final version of the alternate VHS/betamax cover:

    And here's the other completed VHS cover art for comparison:
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    Only 80 copies left of the Munition Edition.

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    Just sent the pages off to be lettered, so I should have a solid release date ready soon.

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    Started production on the bookmarks and cloth maps. Negotiating the ammo box details as I type this.

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    The bookmarks and cloth maps should be on the way to me soon. Wrapping up on the ammo boxes hopefully tonight, and then I'll be ordering the USB bullets and dogtags. So, once I get the boxes on order, I'm going to start taking full payments from everyone who made reservations.

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    Just tweaking the final design and it should be into production soon!
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    Well, unfortunately due to some personal issues with my newborn, I've run into a huge pile of unexpected costs and I'm going to have to put the can on the full Munition Edition...or at best, postpone it indefinitely.

    Some of the Munition Edition is partially salvageable. I already have the die cut bookmarks in hand, as well as the Certificates of Authenticity and serial numbered holograms, so those are for sure available. The cloth maps were already paid for as well and are in production so those can also be included, but aside from those items, I pretty much have to say the other stuff won't likely be happening. Anyone who has preordered or paid in full for the original ME should have already been refunded.

    The bookmarks are really great quality, very thick, solid and silky smooth. I couldn't see these getting easily bent/damaged from normal use. These are the kind of quality shit I wanted to make the entire ME out of... so what I'll be doing is probably coining a Munition Edition Lite that will be the variant cover hardcover with a set of bookmarks, cloth map and a couple of other things. You can see the bookmarks below, and a sample of the cloth map (not final product). I will also be signing all of the Munition Edition Lites, and including the serial number holorgram as well as the CoA w/hologram. I really wish I could have done the ammo box and other stuff though. If I can manage to turn out any additional extras, I'll update here. For now, it's going to have to be ME Lite...

    If by some stroke of luck, this book becomes wildly successful enough to cover the costs of producing the remaining items of the original ME, anyone who buys the ME Lite will be the first in line to get the extra items separately to cobble together a full ME as originally intended. Otherwise, I hope you guys can be satisfied with what extras I'm able to offer with the Lite.

    The bookmarks:

    The cloth map sample:


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