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    Default Animal Man and Hermeneutics help

    I'm writing a paper discussing the hermeneutics of Grant Morrison's run on Animal Man. In a nutshell, hermeneutics are the study of text interpretation. So I was wondering if my fellow CBR forum members could point me in the direction of some resources somehow pertaining to Morrison's work. I already have his book Supergods, which is a fantastic starting point. Something along the lines of his book would be fantastic, and I figured I could find some comic book scholars here.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Andrew Hickey's freewheeling meditation on his Seven Soldiers, An Incomprehensible Condition, may be of use to you.

    But, close readings of the actual Animal Man comics are going to be your best bet. And an application of hermeneutics in the frame of Edmund Husserl's lifeworld, rather than a particular subjective or faux-objective reading, particularly in reference to in-story documents, stories, and memories. And, the general Eightiesness of it all.


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