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    Default DC's Digital Comics Expansion

    There are a lot of great digital comics at DC.

    However, I have always wondered why they don't expand that lne.

    They could perhaps grant "B" and "C" list heroes a weekly anytholgy or separate titles for each of them.

    At the low price of 99 cents per week, its a great bargain!

    I am also betting that many fans of would pay 99 cents a week to read about some of the more obscure heroes as well as characters from canceled books

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    They don't do it because retailers want to have access to everything DC publishes or they feel like they are getting cut out of the market. Plus DC really can't afford to sell a book for 99 cents because their margin on the product would be incredibly narrow.
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    Personally, I'd bet they are hesitant to produce 'in continuity' books in a digital format as it wouldn't work well for referencing purposes (It would be hard to say so & so happened in such & such book if that was a digital book) and the fact LCS retailers might be resistant to the idea, and either refuse to carry their books or refuse to carry the printed versions of their digital books (which probably defer some of the costs of producing the digital first books) Last time DC said anything about digital sells they said it was approx 10% of printed sells. So I'm not sure how well they actually pay for themselves.
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    DC is expanding their digital books. A new Superman digital book is just now being launched.

    It seems that what is working best for them is continuity-light stuff that doesn't require someone to have read the print comics. Which makes sense because then you gain a new audience, instead of just the normal comic-shop crowd.

    All of this stuff is eventually put into print, so the comics shops aren't completely shafted in the process, although at the same time the shops don't seem to like it when people can get anything anywhere sooner than they can get it at the shops.
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