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    Default Dante (DmC) vs Death (Darksiders II) and Dante (Dante's Inferno)

    All three harbingers of death and debauchery battle in Khazan.

    Round 1: Dante gets his demonic weapons, but no Devil Trigger. Death's Reaper Form is shut off.

    Round 2: Dante and Death get their respective Devil Trigger and Reaper Forms. (The other Dante may pretty much be a non-factor here... but feel free to prove me wrong)

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    If I am not wrong, Dante's Inferno gave hints about Lucifer can affect the universe somehow. And considering that, Dante Alighieri chained Lucifer in ice (at least a great fragment of it, a small part escaped), DmC Dante might have some problems.

    But again, if the inclination about Lucifer being universe level is true.

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    Err...there was no such hint that I can recall. And he certainly didn't show it while fighting Dante at any rate.
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    Kinda funny how Inferno Dante is the physically weakest one here but has the strongest ranged game of any of them. In DmC and D II you can get some good use outta your guns but in Inferno if you fully level your cross up then the game turns into a cakewalk. But against the other two with their defense and reflecting abilities this guy goes down first.

    Dante puts in a good show but he doesn't have anything defensive to compare to Death letting War run him through with that BFS of his. For context War was attacking another rider and Death decided to end the fight by standing between the two and not bothering to move when War attacked. Yeah BusinessManMundus slapped him around a bit but Dante wasn't up and ready instantly from the hits.

    And with his Full on Death form locked he's at his base Nephilim level which interesting enough is same level Dante's locked in. Entering limbo won't help Dante since Death's own particular lineage means he should be able to interact and view it just like the brothers did.

    Death takes this I believe.
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