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    Default Best Spider-man game on the Xbox360?

    I've been aching to play a good spider-man game and so I was wondering which one is the best on the Xbox360 amongst the few that were release.
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    I think all the good Spider-Man games came out last gen. I stopped with Spider-Man 3 when I heard Web of Shadows was even worse, Spider-Man 3 was pretty bad.

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    To be honest, they are all a touch bad with minor differences that make them enjoyable.

    -Spider-man 3 has the best web swinging interface and open world - graphically dated.

    -Shattered Dimensions has a fun variety of characters and interface is manageable - no true open world, but levels allow for swinging.

    -Web of Shadows has dark/light spidey but it's close to my least favorite.

    -Ultimate is cartoonish but fun - open world.

    -Amazing is dumbed down but slightly better graphics then 3 - not my first choice - yet might be a faustian middle ground between graphics and open world gameplay.

    Most of the movie ones, hell a lot of them are bare bones games graphically, with tedious badly implimented controls, game design and repetitive quests.

    The only ones I still keep are Shattered Dimensions & Ultimate but Edge of Time might be fun for the dialogue and combat. Like several others no real open world there.
    If you want the freedom of Spidey go with 3, graphically one of the newer ones like EoT. After that try SD and Ultimate.
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    Are there Spidey games for Xbox that aren't available on Playstation?
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