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    Default Behind Buffy Season 9: Gage on "Angel & Faith's" End Game

    CBR News spoke with "Angel & Faith" writer Christos Gage, looking back on "Angel & Faith" as a whole, and catching some glimpses of what's still to come as the series enters its final arc.

    Full article here.

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    This has been the Buffyverse book to read. I am glad to hear Christos Gage is going to be a part of the next "season" or whatever of the Buffyverse. If him and Rebekah Isaacs move to the Buffy book, I'd probably start picking that up again.

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    For my money, A&F is the most consistently entertaining Buffy-related comic that's ever been published. I wonder though, if this interview was done before the death of Robin Sachs, the actor who played Ethan. The fact that he passed while the character was a dead body possessed by a demon was freaky timing.
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    I wonder if the Angel Season 6 comics (Not the Hell on Earth stories) but the others are still canon. Didn't Buffy just join up with the Angel characters? Any news on if it's canon or not anymore?


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