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    With the law twisted and perverted to benefit the unjust, those who serve justice have no choice but to operate outside the law. The Spider digs into the shadowy past of the new governor, but what he finds raises more questions than it answers. Back in New York City, the Shadow and Green Hornet are marshaling their forces, as vigilantes and heroes like the Green Lama, Miss Fury, and the Black Terror join their cause. Meanwhile, a blind lawyer and a fugitive artist find themselves standing alone against the might of the Black Legions.

    Full article here.

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    What exactly does Alex Ross' "art direction" actually entail? Because it sure as hell doesn't seem to include "draw some ****ing backgrounds Dennis!"

    Dropped this book after issue 2 - rushed, lazy artwork from Calero combined with Chris Roberson's awful dialogue put me right off. I mean, unless I've missed something this is set in the 1930s right? Nobody ever said "My bad" pre-2000 unless it was in answer to the question "Whose Michael Jackson album is this?"


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