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    Hey all.

    As we move into 2013 - so Happy New Year's! to all - my workload for my day jobs will be increasing.

    So in order to ensure Nova619- the fan produced Nova webcomic continues - as we've got a number of projects in progress- I want to recruit 2 additional Co-Editors for the team.

    As a Co-Editor you'll be responsible for looking after the creative crew for an assigned episode - an episode either being a solo 1 part story or part of a multi part arc story. That's makign sure the artists involved - pencils - inks and colors get done on time. Keeping an eye on the dreaded deadlines and so on. We have a lot of contributors across the world and many are Nova fans - so it also gives a chance to get to know other fans elsewhere. You're all have chance to add in ideas for the stories and contribute in any other way to can depending on the time you have.

    As Nova619 in non-profit - there's no pay - sorry! - but if you're interested in taking part in Nova619 and keeping the Rich Rider legacy going then please contact me via and we'll go from there. No experience required but if you do have any previous small press comic know-how is an advantage.

    Thanks! Daz. Editor/ Nova619
    Contributor for Nova Prime (Deviant Art and Nova Prime Page!

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    The Tommy Atkins Project
    2014 marks the centenary of the First World War. In years gone by, comics about WWI and WWII were common place, and in France and Belgium they are still produced and very much revered. My goal is to revive and reinvigorate this part of the genre, and in doing so commemorate the lives and deeds of those men and women who were affected by �the war to end all wars�.
    What I would like to do is put together an anthology of stories each ranging from 6-10 pages in length. The subject matter can be anything that relates to WWI, as long as it is honest and does not seek to glorify war. It can be historical or fictional using any style you like - the only stipulation being that it has factually accurate context (i.e. you can create characters and put them in a fictional aspect of the �Battle of the Somme�, but ensure the detail around the battle is correct). Anyone who has read �Charley�s War� by Pat Mills & Jim Colquhoun will know what I�m going on about!
    There will be numerous events to mark the centenary across its 4 year duration, and I really feel that this could be a powerful piece of work, both as a sentiment of remembrance, and as an example of how diverse and evocative our medium can be.
    At the moment I�d just like to gain the interest of other writers, artists, inkers, whoever...publishing options will be looked at once a few stories have come together and folks are on board. If there�s anyone around who�d care to join me in taking charge of this thing, I�d be glad of that too.
    This has always been a subject of immense interest for me, and with a little luck there are a few of you out there who feel the same!
    Interested folks - please email

    I've now found everyone I was looking for! many thanks for an overwhelming response.
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    Cool Graphic Novel Needs Artist!

    This is an unpaid position. I have no money to pay anyone for any work at this point.

    I'm a writer, based in London, looking for an artist to collaborate with on a graphic novel I'm currently developing. The book is a 12-issue re-imagining of Joan Of Arc's life. In my version of events Joan is a sword-fighting bad-ass trying to keep Satan and his army from conquering Earth. Rest assured, she still dies on the pyre.

    I've finished the script for issue #1 and #2 and I'm currently writing issue #3. I want to submit the book to publishers but I also have a plan for low-cost, online publishing. I've recruited a small but dedicated group of friends that are helping me and all I need now is a great artist!

    Art-wise, I'm looking for realism with a punch. The book is set in France in the 1400s and it's meant to feel as if it really happened. I have some specific ideas for certain scenes and characters but I'm very open to input on how to best bring this story to life.

    If this sounds like something you'd be interested in being part of please apply to


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    Hello everyone. I am an as-yet unpublished writer It has actually taken me 18 years to actually sit down and finish a scripting project. In the end I hammered out 6 issues (150 pages) in a month and a half. That was this past summer. I am (at the moment) finding it increasingly difficult to find a publisher. I thought it best to instead find an artist willing to work for free until the submission gets the green light, and then royalties would be paid in full. I am well aware of the fact that this might me pushing my luck, but I'm running out of options. I need to find an individual that'll come to believe in this proposal as much as I do, someone that is kind enough to give me a much needed assist. As I said, I am completely done with the writing. I'm just waiting on the right artist. If anyone is interested, please feel free to let me know. Thanks.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm a freelance artist who's been doing independent comics the last decade. I'm a hard worker who completes assignments on time, and can adapt to any style/subject matter.

    Here's a link to my Facebook gallery of recent work.

    My rates are really low, $30 per pencilled/inked page (negotiable). I'm available for pitches, concept art, pin-ups, and even sketch cards.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi, I'm looking for a good digital colorist for 5 pages of an all-ages book that will eventually be self-published.

    The budget is $65 for the five pages, but there's a whole graphic novel to be completed afterward.

    Ideal candidate has good color sense, works quickly, and listens to direction.

    Please send links/samples here.

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    Hey everyone, I'm CJ, I posted about a week ago or so looking for an artist for two projects. I found an artist for the project called Triggermen. I'm still looking for an artist for the story about 4 foul mouth elementary school kids fighting off zombies. I just finish rewriting it so I do have the script for the first issue to now show. I do have to say I envision the story as a little more cartoony. For this project I am looking for an artist, inker, and colorist. I do want to send this off on submission to Dark Horse or Image.

    Again I have a lot of different ideas so I'm interested in developing more with someone.

    If you are interested and want to read the first issue and learn more about the story or talk about another idea, my email is

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    Hi guys.

    Im posting this on here in hopes that some like minded people would be interested in being involved in an idea i've had. Its something i've been toying with for a while (having been published in a few anthologies myself) and the time has come to stop thinking about it and get off my ass and get it moving.

    Basically what i want to do is put together an anthology called 'Tales from a Lonely Planet) which will be for sale as a download online, and ideally i'd like as broad a mix as possible in terms of genres and styles. I want anything and everything.

    I'll act as editor (and i'll also be putting a couple of my strips in) but to but honest as long as its got heart, passion and a story (i'm thinking between 1 and 6 pages)it'll be exactlywhat i'll be looking for.

    So comic creators of the world- Do you want in? Any questions? Then just ask away (either comment here or message me) and lets get making some comics!


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    Default Artist Available!

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Mac Radwanski and I am comic book penciler, with a few published credits to my name. I'm currently looking for more work, so please feel free to have a look at some of my work ( and and if you're interested in doing something together, you can reach me at mradwan101[at]

    My rates are very flexible, depending on the length of the project, content and various other factors, I'm sure we can work out something reasonable on individual basis.

    Thanks for your time.


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    Hi,Penciller for hire.
    Sequentials-20$ per page.
    Pinups- 5$ each character.
    Details will be discussed by email.
    Gallery here-

    Action,non action,sci fi, steampunk,sexy,non sexy,we'll see.


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    Looking for dedicated pencilers, inkers, and colorists to tackle a new comic project! PM for email address and details.

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    Default Writer seeking an Artist for a fun & bloody vampire horror story!

    Okay so right off the bat Ill admit that I cant offer cash -- believe me, if I could afford to I certainly would -- but what I am offering is the standard 50% ownership of all rights to the project as well as a 50% split of all profits it gains. Oh and by the way, Im offering a passionate artist looking to build their portfolio a chance to work on and partially own a really fun and original project! The script is already complete so if you are interested, please send me a sample of your artwork and I will send you a copy of the script. If you like and I like, well go from there.

    I realize that a graphic novel is a really big job, and I would never ask anyone to take on such a responsibility for free, so I plan on breaking the script up into appropriate chapters. Then we can work on the first chapter, or simply produce some concept drawings to shop around and raise funds for the rest. Everythings an option at this point.

    Now that thats out of the way, let me tell you about the project. Its a slasher novel called THE REAPER. Here is the pitch:

    THE REAPER is the classic tale of vampire vs. slayer finally told from the vampire's perspective, painting the slayer as a bigoted sociopath and serial killer. Our story follows a group of mischievous (but civilized) young vampires as they are stalked and murdered one-by-one by the legendary vampire hunter that their kind has feared for centuries known as The Reaper. The Reaper believes that all vampires are soulless demons, but is he right or are vampires grossly misunderstood?
    So basically THE REAPER is a modern version of Van Helsing, only the Van Helsing-like character is the bad guy. Think VAN HELSING meets HALLOWEEN (Michael Myers). The tone is very HACK/SLASH. There are a lot of good-looking vampires -- of various ethnicities by the way -- being sadistically slayed by a dark and menacing looking vampire hunter armed with guns, swords, stakes, explosives and more.

    The script is written in feature film format so consider that marvel style, meaning that the artist will have full creative control over how the pages are laid out. Obviously, Ill be in touch to consult, advise, brainstorm and rewrite as necessary, but as far as Im concerned my job is done and its time for the artists vision to take over. Im looking for an artist who absolutely falls in love with the material, understands its potential and insists on being a part of it (as a 50% owner). Artists of all experience levels and styles should feel free to contact me, your artwork will speak for itself.

    Also, I have tons of other ideas and stories from various genres in development, so if we mesh this could be the origin of a brand new comic-creator team!

    If any of this appeals to you, please email me at with your art sample and any questions you may have.


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    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently designing a boardgame based on the superhero genre, with you zipping between costume and incognito to fight crimes in costume, but still find time to look after your aunt and see your girlfriend in her latest show at the theatre.

    One of the more interesting ideas I came up with is when you start playing your game, you choose which villain you face by picking the relevant comic book from the box, with the view being that you are essentially going to be playing your way through the comic.

    Certain crimes which are perpetrated by the main villain will direct you into a page of the comic and then it'll operate almost like an RPG/choose your own adventure, you'll have the crime set up as a page and depending on if you let the crime occur, if you tried to and succeeded to stop them or if you tried and failed to stop them there would be a different reference to send you on to the relevant section of the comic.

    Firstly I'd love to know what people think of the idea as a concept, and secondly I was wondering if any aspiring superhero writers would be interested in collaborating on the stories/storyboards. I have the money to commission the art but I'm not an expert at the writing or art of comics!

    Feel free to email me @



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    Post Need help from a good artist.

    Hello, I am not an artist but I need a good artist to help me. In social network websites like facebook, when you create an account and don't put a picture, there is a picture that shows in your profile according to your gender. I need an artist to paint something like that, 1 for men and 1 for women, if you can please make it unique.
    I don't know where do I post this post so I put it here.
    If you can, mail me here with this pictures you made :

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    I am a comic colorist and illustrator base out of Portland, Oregon. I have two years of experience as a professional colorist, working with small and independent publishers. A large sampling of my work can be found here in my portfolio. Base rates listed below, but I am always open to negotiation.

    Base page rate: $50/pg (color)
    Base illustration rate: $100 (full page/color)

    Here are a few samples of what I can do:

    The Mighty Thor #3, page 13, color practice. -- Pencils by Olivier Coipel -- Inks by Mark Morales

    Wolverine Origins #21, page 1, color practice. -- Line art by Mike Deodato

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    Default Seeking artist for pic of Avengers concept.

    I have been imagining a concept for a new West Coast Avengers team. As before this team will consist of characters who never seem to get the spotlight they may deserve somewhere else or have West Coast Avengers history. I also tried to have a team that appears to fit together visually. The team consists of

    U.S. Agent
    Scarlet Witch
    War Machine
    Wonder Man
    Scarlet Spider

    I would love to see some pics of this as a possible team. Let's see what all you artists out there can come up with.


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