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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Priime View Post
    Thank you. I thought Johns used Darkseid (and Desaad and Steppenwolf) before Azz used Orion. So Azz doesn't have dibs on the New Gods, so to speak.
    True. He has no monopoly on the New Gods. He said he is using Orion and Highfather for his story. The New Gods in the new 52 like Darkseid and Steppenwolf and Desaad etc can traverse the multiverse. There is only one Apokolips so I assume there is only one New Genesis. James Robinson and Geoff Johns tacked New Gods long before Azzarello. So I don't know why some people think Azz has dibs on anything. Anyone should be able to write then if is suits their story. Seems to me Lobdell can use Orion or any New God he wants to if it works for his story.

    I read in a Chiang interview they like Barda and Scott Free as well ...but admitted it is a WW book (and seeing we already have our girl in danger of being pushed out by Gods) it wouldn't be too wise to drag them in.
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    The way things look with DC's new Orion, he might as well ditch the helmet: New Genesis armour doesn't seem to be much use against our mighty DCU superheroes.

    Obviously the artists liked the idea of the helmet being smashed or torn apart: it conveys an impression of force and power and makes the hero look good, whether it be WW or Superman. Which, unfortunately, is all too often the only reason the supporting character is there in superhero comics.

    So I remain sceptical about all these recent Orion appearances: it's still too early to tell how the character is going to end up being written, and currently in comics the covers often don't match the story inside, but these two covers combined with some early warning signs in the WW book don't bode well for the new Orion, IMO.

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    Is Orion shorter in the Nu52? He looks shorter than Diana. Pre-Flashpoint, Orion was taller than both Wonder Woman and Superman.


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