It was good, not brilliant because it did feel incredibly rushed which is a shame. Had Remender been given time I think we would have seen more of the Descendants like the Ultravisions and all in more light beyond simply plotting and suddenly facing a civil war amongst their own ranks. I was curious on whether Remender would let the Descendants live or simply blow the Orb and kill them. Ultimately, it was the latter in order to highlight the tragedy of it all. And I did feel Torch's decision, he basically killed his own species. Had a very X-Men Mutants vibe to it with the Descendants feeling repressed and being essentially alive. Plus, I think it was the biggest development for Jim recently who was gladly not killed. Nor was Black Ant, sure he is a villain and technically not Eric but there is always a chance he might be redeemed and became his namesake. And I think Father survived right? To live and plot another day I assume. Though the Hank Pym thing was just not resolved... I kind of fear that this might be a change that can't be reversed because thats some serious cyborg augmentations done on Pym. Hopefully, he goes back to himself in Captain America.

Good to see a decent explanation on the Deathlokk Janet and that she was one of those Operation: Deathlokk cyborgs from the future that came from the Uncanny X-Force timeline. Anyway, I do hope that the Descendants get revisited in the future as I like the dynamic of Human versus Mutant versus Descendant. All in all, good Remender run and just a shame it was rushed.