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    Default Lovecraftian Painting

    I didn't know where to post this... So I just made a new thread.

    Mike has been talking on Facebook about a painting hes been putting off working on for a long time, and he just completed it.
    I had commented asking if we would get to see it when he finished and he said yes after the guy who commissioned it received it. Since obviously he should get to see it first.

    So CBM (I presume) just posted it on his Art of Mignola fb page.
    Pretty spectacular!

    Mr. EA Stoop and the Luminous Knob
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    Man, that's really beautiful.

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    I saw this yesterday, I've been meaning to get an octopus tattoo for the longest time, I'm sure one like this would look really good on my shoulder!

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    Gorgeous! This would look great on a t-shirt or as a great big poster. I hope the owner enjoys it immensely!

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    Wow awesome. Reminds me of that book cover he did the name escapes me. Dang that early onset Alzheimer's. So I hate to ask but how much was charged for commisions. I sure he doesn't accept many.

    Love the belt design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noble_enough View Post
    Mr. EA Stoop and the Luminous Knob
    Holy Macaroni. With cheese. That is butch, it floors me, debilitatingly.

    I'd drool with odour and probable positively animous or profoundly masculine noises should aesthetical conventions be permitting me. Like *hubba hubba* or such.

    Love the playful tentacle penetrating the dude up his armsleeve of sorts, love the aetheral or misty moodiness, plus how the wall-curtain almost turns into a secret or magical staircase, providing it reaches the corner of my eye intensely enough.

    Is the dude's overcoat really damp, or would it be like a loose-fit kind of thing, since it seems a bit roomy or long at the arms? Would the dude have entered some weird Egyptian Victorian beltbuckle brotherhood or cult because he'd hate his tailor?
    Or, because spectral squids would take kindly to him? Or maybe spectres only appear before brotherhoody beltbuckly-or-be-it-necklaced type of fellows? Or roomy coated ones?

    In any case this thing is grand. Capital. Will the owner hang it someplace for people to see? Or locked into a safe and dark acid-free containment perhaps, with any curtains closed and the combination thrown away forever? Would those persons ever dare to leave their house again?

    It really is flabberghastingly beautiful. The mood, the light and shadings and the magic of it. Lovely art, lovely watercolors.

    EDIT: hold on.
    Wouldn't this piece be or become part to the upcoming Spectrum Fantastic Art Live2 convention to be held in Kansas Missouri this May 18-19? Since the facebook page plus the website linked to the image is taking me there? Plus they list mr Mike as a guest.

    Sounds like an awesome comics & fantasy art festival!

    And it would explain the commission thing to this, since practically any special Convention print or poster or book cover or requested illustration or some such would technically be a *commission* of sorts? Which wouldn't make the piece any less gorgeous.
    But maybe the convention organizers or art commissioners will be making some kind of prints or reproductions of this piece available through their own channels, if that would be their idea?

    I'd personally be for it, I might add, eventhough Kansas might prove too far away for me.
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    Love it, absolutely and completely. No other words come close.

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    I wonder what the dimensions are? The owner of this painting is one lucky SOB, to be sure.

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    I'd be up to buying a print of that. Stunning!


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