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    I hate it when I see how low the sales figures of these books are when compared to the others. Fantastic stories and great art, but being outsold by books which, for me, are either lacking or just not very interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaded Devil View Post
    That's the only criteria that should truly matter.
    When it comes to books with minorities and women in the lead that does NOT matter. It's if they don't sale you guys don't want to read about them.

    It's NEVER about sitting back and looking at WHY these books struggle. Lets look at some LEGIT reasons why these books struggle.

    1) Folks have BUDGETS. Not everyone is buying 100 books a month.

    2) Trades-there are folks who trade wait.

    3) CHEAPER elsewhere. I can find a lot of these books for a dollar at quite a few used book stores in my city. Sometimes minutes after the comic book store opens. Because you have that faction that twill buy a title with no intent to rad it but to keep it selling to prevent changes being made to increase sales. I can go to comic cons and get new books (mainly DC) for 25 cents.

    4) then you have the faction that feel these books are taking slots from Ghost Rider, Punisher, Moon Knight (again) and Dr. Strange-so the FAST "I" can make it go away the better-so "I" don't buy it.

    5) Creative teams do turn off folks.

    When you factor all of these you understand why these books struggle. The best advice you could give anyone that WANTS to buy these book but can't-tell them to trade wait on those big sellers.

    Spider-Man won't get axed if a few folks trade wait and get Red She Hulk.

    I think it would help Marvel if they did ask how many were trade waiting on these books. In fact give those folks something special in the trade if they reserve it ahead of time.

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    I currently get all of the titles mentioned in the article, and they're great. Love 'em and hope they last! Only saying that to try to convince anyone out there on the verge of trying one of them to go for it. (And I buy them digitally.)

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    Marvel and DC alone pump out 100 books a month and force readers to buy umpteen tie-ins every time the big crossover events come around, and then they get shocked that readers are reluctant to drop some cash on a new book?

    What reason do I have to buy Captain Marvel?
    I'm sure Carol Danvers is an interesting character, but there's no shortage of interesting characters to follow.
    I'm sure Kelly Sue DeConnick is a talented writer, but there's no shortage of talented writers to follow.

    I suppose Marvel could force DeConnick to tie Captain Marvel into crossovers with an X-Men book, but honestly, that'd do more to make me resent the book than entice me to pick it up.

    The simple reality is that between the big two, along with Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Boom, ect, the market is at its limit. There's only so much blood you can squeeze from a stone, especially at three or four bucks a squeeze.
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    Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk have never been big sellers yet Marvel keeps relaunching them every other year.

    It didn't help when Ms. was changed to Captain, and red Betty Banner hulk is just not that interesting.

    Doesn't Marvel have any other characters? Ditto with Moon Knight.

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    I'm really enjoying Red She-Hulk. Not a Captain Marvel fan. Haven't tried JIM yet. But am planning on picking up back issues to try next trip to the shop. And I have Fearless Defenders on my monthly order to arrive at the end of the month in the mail. I never really gave any thought to how many female lead titles I read every month till just now. Batgirl, Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Worlds Finest, I trade wait for Birds Of Prey. Jennifer Blood and am waiting for Miss Fury to come out.

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    Would be a good time to release a Spider-Woman title, it would be kind of akin to DC's Batwoman in some ways and hey I'd actually buy it.

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    JiM and Red She-Hulk are a couple of rock-solid titles. I hope they trudge along X-Factor style.

    Captain Marvel I dropped. Everything about it felt really sloppy, unfortunately.

    Fearless Defenders' first issue was...okay. The art's kinda bad, but the story has potential. I'll stick it out for an arc at least.
    The kiss made me roll my eyes a bit.

    If Wood's second crack at X-Men is anything like the first, I expect excellent character and passable stories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TehJofus View Post
    Got to agree with people saying just buy what you like. I happen to quite like Captain Marvel, so I'm buying that. On the other hand, Journey into Mystery and Red She-Hulk just don't interest me.

    I think Marvel really needs to put some big names on female-led books. Brian Wood on X-Men is a good start, but I'd like to see Ed Brubaker writing Black Widow, Jason Aaron writing X-23 and Mark Waid writing anything. Wasp, Storm, She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, just give him whoever and it'll be great.

    This is 100% the case. JH Williams being attached to Batwoman and Azzarello/Chiang being on Wonder Woman is a big factor in why those books are selling better than Marvel's comparable offerings.

    The fact is that Marvel keeps attaching low-selling writers to these books. Jeff Parker, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Cullen Bunn, Marjorie Liu, Kathryn Immonen....they may not be bad writers. Hell, some of them may even be good writers. But they aren't sales generators in the slightest. Gay marriage issue aside, Parker and Liu have failed to put up big numbers for years.

    The last genuine effort I can recall was Bendis/Maleev on Spider-Woman. The problem with THAT was that Marvel decided to slap a $3.99 on the cover and burden it with all that motion-comics crap. And the final issue of that still sold around 6000 more copies than the last issue of Captain Marvel did...even WITH a $3.99 price-tag.

    Frankly, I'm not even sure that Wood is good enough. He gets critical praise, but Wood is unproven when it comes to monthly sales. But it's a step in the right direction, certainly, and Coipel is a big-name artist. Of course, the problem is that Marvel is AGAIN putting a $3.99 price on it.

    If female-led books are to succeed, let's put the so-called "architects" on these projects. Jason Aaron on Elektra, Ed Brubaker on Black Widow, Brian Bendis on the Luke/Jessica Jones book he so clearly wants to write, Rick Remender on something involving Elsa Bloodstone, Mark Waid on Songbird, and hell, maybe something that lets Jonathan Hickman pick up where he left off with Daisy Johnson on Secret Warriors. Price it all at $2.99 and make it a big marketing event.

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    Look, I liked the article and text. Congratulations to whoever wrote.

    Anyway, I agree. I read Captain Marvel, RDSH and start reading JIM soon.
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    I can't even get up enough interest to buy an issue of Captain Marvel. She has no bad guys. NONE. The art has been really slipshod, and the stuff I'm reading about on the net hasn't helped. I ignore opinions, just follow the synopsis of the issue and not hearing anything cool. She goes back in time, explores her heritage, hangs out with Monica/Photon/Pulsar/whateverhercurrentnameis. Not exactly the stuff that makes me go... "I gotta see that!"

    Red She-Hulk has that, for me at least. She's fighting the avengers. Going full ogre looking HULK on folks, busts out a flying car and jet pack, trying to save the human race from extinction in the near future and nobody believes her. That's a story I can follow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CircularLogic View Post
    The problem is with comics that some people buy books they don't even like just because it's a habit, or an urge to be a completionist. I've met people who buy Iron Man every single month with no intention of stopping, even though they really don't like the new direction. They could easily use that money to buy a C-list title they might enjoy just as much, but still they pump money into things like Batman: The Dark Knight, a completely superfluous title, while critical darlings like I, Vampire get the axe.
    Very true. Unfortunately, inertia is easy; it's easier to keep reading something you once enjoyed rather than taking a chance on something new. (I'm as guilty of it as anyone, lest I sound preachy -- I kept reading New Mutants well after Zeb Wells left and I stopped enjoying the book.)

    It extends to characters, too -- how many people passed up the 2009-2011 Batgirl series, even when it started garnering massive critical acclaim, simply because it starred a C-list character; and how many of them are buying the current Batgirl series solely because "the real" Batgirl is back, regardless of whether they actually like it or not? (Not a slam on the current book, by the by; I like Gail Simone and maybe the current book is good, who knows?)

    I can't get on my high horse because I'm not reading Cap Marvel or Red She-Hulk, nor Worlds' Finest (dropped after four issues). But I'll probably buy Fearless Defenders, I'm going to give the all-female X-Men book a shot, and if DC ever revived Batgirl with Bryan Q. Miller writing, like as a digital out-of-continuity comic or something? Well, I'd buy the ever-loving s**t out of that book.

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    All three books are in my pull list and have been for awhile. I recommend them to anyone looking for a good read. Next time you're in a comic shop, flip through an issue of each of them. Give them all an honest try.

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    Oddly enough, I've been buying all three of these titles and the last issue of each title has seriously irked me.

    Captain Marvel had some art issues, but I was really into the storyline until the last issue showed that an individual with Earth Shattering powers, who has had her personality and memory stolen by Rogue, became Binary and had a ton of other power fluctuations goes to a regular Doctor's office in the city, and not to a S.H.I.E.L.D. medical facility or some such. It just felt really wrong to me, but it's not a deal breaker, I'll be back next month.

    Red She-Hulk I only bought on Jeff Parker's name, but I'm going to have to drop it. I don't find Red She-Hulk engaging as a character, I never liked Hickman's Shield through the ages retcon so that's another strike against it and the only thing I've enjoyed at all is Machine Man, so for the first time ever, I'm dropping a Jeff Parker book.

    Journey into Mystery has been amazing, but I have been avoiding anything to do with Spider-Man for years and seeing the Superior version shoehorned into my mythic norse saga is frustrating, but I'm more annoyed than truly angered, so I'll be back next month.

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    Just buy Brian Wood's new X-Men title. Problem will be solved in seconds.
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