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    Default PREVIEW: Animal Man #17

    • The epic climax of "ROTWORLD" starts here and continues into this month's SWAMP THING #17!
    • All hope seems lost! Can Buddy find a way to stop the Rot before it takes over the world?
    • Before that can even happen, Buddy must confront the horrible truth about the fate of his family.

    Full preview here.

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    Just read my copy of Animal Man and Swamp Thing # 17, and I feel quite disappointed by how they are doing the conclusion.

    SPOILERS: (Highlight the part below)

    Some parts seemed forced, especially the parts other heroes had to play in the story. To make Buddy and Alec stand out, some of the others were made to look somewhat ineffective. Case in point, a big part of the plot for both issues hinge on the bat robot containing the serum to be carried up to the clouds (to seed them). This could have been done by some of the heroes present, but for whatever reason, the other heroes wanted Animal Man and Swamp Thing do this. Maybe it is just me, but I was hoping for a better ending to this storyline since it's been the focus of both titles since its initial issues. :(

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    I agree with you there, although I did enjoy Animal Man this month a lot more than Swamp Thing. I especially liked all the little cameos littered throughout the issue, and Timothy Green II's pages were gorgeous to look at. :)

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    Well, at least this Rotworld thing is finally finishing. I dropped Animal Man a few issues ago because I thought Rotworld was dragging on and the writing was suffering. What started as a very interesting and very different take on superheroes and their families sort of devolved into a terribly clicheed superheroes punching things story. I'm hopeful that Lemire manages to get back on form with the next arc.


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