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    Default Subscribe to my new Super-hero podcast on iTunes!

    It's called The Super-Friends Super Show! On the sow, we talk trending news and rumors from the world of Superheroes, as well as dive deep into super-charged arguments/debates. Feel free to subscribe and take a second to like us on Facebook. (

    Thanks for the support, guys!

    -Sean Dwyer

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    Hey, everyone! Episode 004 of the Super-Friends Super Show is finally available!
    Subscribe today, and like us on Facebook!


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    Episode #5 of The Super-Friends Super Show is now available on iTunes! Enjoy the super-hero themed rantings of Super-Friends Sean Dwyer, Nick Silkysmooth Stutzman, Sean Brennan, Adam Patterson, and Michael McLean, as we discuss the latest in super-hero news and romance! Plus, a special reading from "Macho Man" Randy Savage's (aka Bonesaw McGraw) private thoughts journal!

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    Episode #6 is up! The Super-Friends throw a post-Oscar party! Are you invited? You are invited..! But to listen. So listen -- as the Super-Friends award fellow super-heroes with a slew of special super-Oscars, in addition to discussing other topics. Super-Friends featured: Sean Dwyer (host), Nick Stutzman, Michael McLean, and Adam Patterson.

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    Default Episode #7 of The Super-Friends Super Show is now available!


    Episode #7 is up!
    The Super-Friends discuss the latest Iron Man 3 trailer and dig a little deeper into the book-related murder that took the parents of super-friend Mike McLean. Featured Super-Friends: (host) Sean Dwyer, Mike McLean, Sean Brennan, George Reggie and Nick Stutzman.

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    Super-Friends Super Show 013
    Stream on Stitcher:
    The Super-Friends -- shaken by the sudden disappearance of Super-Friend George Reggie -- attempt to review the new Thor: The Dark World trailer, and speculate on the latest Daredevil developments at Marvel Studios. Featured Super-Friends: Sean Dwyer (host), Mike McLean, Sean Brennan, and Nick Stutzman.



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