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    Quote Originally Posted by marshal99 View Post
    Can DC ever get a consistent look for their animated superman ? Every animated DCU dvd release has a different looking superman. I can understand mimicking the artwork of the DC comics that it was based on but that superman sure doesn't looked like anything that Gary Frank ever drawn.

    I like the all-star superman animated look , superman vs the elite - superman face looks like a payaya with the big chin, in this one , superman has a long face with a pointed chin.
    Why should the animation look the same every time? The art changes in the comics all the time depending on who the artist is.

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    Pretty much. In the matter of Gary Frank, his style doesn't translate well to animation. Neither does George Perez.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fused View Post
    And I'll have a Kryptonian boner during both.
    Hopefully you're not watching them back-to-back then. It's advised you call a doctor if your kryptonian boner lasts 4 hours after taking a blue kryptonite pill.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mat001 View Post
    Neither does George Perez.
    I'd love to see that put to the test...
    Pull List; seems to be too long to fit in my sig...


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