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    Default Do you ever dream about Hellboy?

    Pretty much every time I read Seed of Destruction, I have vivid dreams, albeit not always Hellboy ones.

    I got caught up on all the DH stuff over the weekend, but for some reason last night I had a very realistic, non-comic book looking dream about Hellboy. It was quite involved, and went on for some time, but in summary, HB was being tortured in Hell by some arch-duke or someone. HB was kneeling on the ground, and his back was in a sort of arc backwards (so chest/belly sticking out) because his outstretched arms were lashed (by ropes) to a large tree, which oddly (well, maybe not for Hell...or dreams) was growing in a "T" shape, but very low to the ground. The torturer was breaking HB's back, and after quite a lot of punishment HB died, and there was a real sense of finality to this, as if his death in Hell was the complete erasure of his existence. So then HB's human grandparents showed up, very upset, to claim HB's body. The grandparents were dressed in 1970s clothes, although they were far, far older. I had to meet them at the motel (the low-budget roadside version) where they were staying to help with the funeral arrangements.

    So, do you ever dream about Hellboy?

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    I can't say I ever have. I have had dreams about other comic characters though, usually after a marathon read. Calvin & Hobbes dreams are so much fun.

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    I did once! At least that I'd be aware of.

    I seem to have the coolest dreams when I will be like sleeping really light, like right beyond the point of needing to get up in the morning. Like my alarm goes off, which is placed well away from my bed, so I need to get out of bed to even snooze the damn thing, after which I'll flick on the light, using a swittch again well away from my bedside, sometimes for drifting off into sleep again, as snuggly lying in my bed once more!
    At one such an occasion I was dreaming I was all cool and perfect and buff and all that, probably at some nifty cave or high atop a cliff with vikings or at least a sword and crazy music playing. And at my side Hellboy appeared to be saying something like "Aw Crap" or "At least you have pants on".

    I distinctly remember him as being Mignola-rendered Hellboy, how cool is that. And before I knew it I was awake again and late for work. With pants on.
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    Chillingly good stuff besides Mignola, Slint, M, Knut and really big chunks of tinfoil?
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    I did once! I was a doctor in an orphanage and one of the girls was crying terribly, there was a monster under the bed. I called the BPRD and Hellboy came, it was an ugly freeken dog, and when head hound found out that hellboy killed it, the heard came after him. I was livid when I woke up. Seeemed soooo real.

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    He's not my kind of guy, to be honest.

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    I had hellboy team up with me and some old buddies of mine .It was a total blast booze and guns add to the fire pit some crazy supernatural villain and we got the time of our lives here .we live in the best of times and the worst of times , that i will say in the end.
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