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    I just re read this issue and I found it so much more rewarding on second read. Rocafort's storytelling is so original. Vibrant and iconic. I really feel like, as a Superman fan, I am being treated to something original with his artwork, new and satisfying.

    I think H'El must be delusional and manipulating Supergirl, she seems dazed when confronting her memories with H'El's story. I still love Kal and Kon, the dynamic is not father son, but more like Big Brother/Little Brother. Not quite Grayson and Damian Wayne, but it has that tone. I have no problem with the Wonder Woman Kal romance. In terms of Nu52 (not Azzarello) DC universe, I think it works okay.

    I love the Superman books right now and I have not said that in.... a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tra-EL View Post
    The only thing that really disconnects the dialog is Superboy's campy lines, Wonder Woman's pointless one-liners and Lobdell's 3rd person-view. "His name is Kal-El. He eats fruity-pebbles for breakfast." Other than those nitpicks, I like this run. Pretty cool and exciting things in development.
    Seriously, what is up with Superboy's lines. He sounds like a bad english dub of an anime.

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    I thought this was good issue the art is great as always and so far I been enjoying He'l on Earth

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    i must be like Homer when Moe's opening his rest.- "it's a deep fryer. it can flash fry a buffalo in 40 seconds"

    Homer:"40 seconds?! But i want it now??!!"

    i say this for two reasons. seems as though instead of thinking anything through, this H'el guy & Kara want the Krypton of old to just appear. And... it seems so do the writers & editorial. some on here hate this story. i'm with Zoch- i really am enjoying this story and wish it were stretched out more.
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    This issue and the whole H'el arc just seem empty to me. Every issue is pretty much the same. Superman and the heroes fight something bizarre and H'el monolgues about bringing back Krypton. This issue was the first time H'el actually said anything other than "I want to bring back Krypton and no one understands" when he tells of his space flight. We got a tease about his origin at the start of the story. Nice to see him finally elaborate on it a little. Even if it is a total lie, at least he said something new.

    Lobdell can come up with some interesting ideas but he certainly can't develop them. I was hoping that the Superman book would finally have a good creative team with some fun stories. So far, it's just not doing it for me. Lobdell's characterization of pretty much everyone is very inconsistent with every other book out there. The bare bones plot only advances when characters either behave like idiots or jerks. Every issue is the same. I think this may be the first time in over 20 years I'll be dropping a Superman book. I made it though Superman Red/Blue but this makes me want to drop a Super book.

    So to recap issue 16, nothing new really happens. The JL and Superman fight crazy stuff. H'el continues to monologue. Then at the end, H'el activates his dooms day machine and teleports the fortress someplace. Really, H'el could have just opened with moving the fortress and making sure his plan went off without any problems rather than risking a fight as the JL invaded. See my above comment about characters acting like idiots.


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