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    Default Casting Updates for Drax, Rocket Raccoon & Gamora! have exclusively learnt of some more casting updates for Marvel's upcoming space epic Guardians of the Galaxy. So here's the lowdown (pinch of salt just in case):

    Rocket Raccoon: The news on Jim Carrey and Adam Sandlers involvent were apparently true, but Marvel are also considering to hire some voice actors - such as Jon Benjamin - to fit the role. Rocket will have a large role in this movie, and the company want to make sure they do justice to him, not having come off like some childish character.

    Drax: Marvel was orignally intending to hire Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for the role of Drax, but due to some scheduling conflicts (filming for Brett Ratner's Hercules in June) this was not possible. Originally, the casting call read as “Open ethnicity, Male 30-45, above 6’3”(190.5cm) & extremely physically fit”, but has since changed to “Caucasian male, above 6’2”(188cm), Healthy physique”.

    The company is divided on what they want in terms of Drax. It could of been a chance to add some ethnic diversity to the team and they could stay away from using CGI or bodysuits in order to achieve the right physique. Jason Momoa was also suggested, but due to his lackluster performance in Conan and lack of charisma in Bullet to the Head, and general scheduling conflicts, many aren't too excited about the idea. An unknown has also been suggested for the role.

    Gamora: No castings for the role just yet, although several contendors have submitted themselves for the role. Marvel are apparently taking the time to cast this character, hoping to bring a strong female presence to the MCU. Suggestions have included Gina Carano, Olivia Wilde, Adrianne Palicki and more.

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    I say Erica Cerra as Gamora. Although I would also accept her as Wonder Woman.

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    Jon Benjamin as Rocket?
    Ok, I can definitely get behind that...just imagine Sterling Archer's voice coming out of a racoon..

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    "Drax. Drax! DRAX!"


    ...Danger zone"

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