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    Default LeRoy Volume One.

    Hello there allow me to introduce to you all to the adventures of LeRoy McCool sort of...
    Well I haven't written these adventures yet because of school and other ventures that have taken up my time for the past few years and continuing...
    Nonetheless, I wanted to share this with any other of fellow writers on this site.
    I just hope that you enjoy this as much as did when I wrote this about two years.
    Anywho, with further ado... the first half of "LeRoy." Enjoy!

    1. “Everyone Hates The Pilot Issue” Twelve months have passed since the courageous new superhero, Prince Awesome aka LeRoy McCool defeated his dreadful grandfather, LeRoy McCool Sr. thus beginning LeRoy’s presumed growth as a hero who only wants to live up to the burden-filled aspirations set by his grandmother and grandfather. However, now that our fledgling hero has moved into the treacherous streets of Flint, Michigan due in part of Rachael’s new job as a part of a famous law firm within the city. LeRoy suddenly finds himself wrapped up in Michigan’s most notorious city filled with merciless criminals. Will “Prince Awesome” continue to be the valiant hero that he has developed into over the past few months or will he surrender his humble well-being, and become just another shining example of Flint’s notorious lifestyle?

    2. “The Teacher Stalker” Roger Riesel, the crazed and demented ex-boyfriend of LeRoy’s homeroom teacher, Ms. Bettie Brant has taken complete control of the school’s high tech security systems and has programmed lethal traps around and within the entire school. After going out on a bathroom break, LeRoy becomes intertwined in Riesel’s traps! Now with the whole school under his control, LeRoy decides that he must save his new-found friends and teachers from this maddening loony from completing his “date” with Ms. Brant. Can LeRoy survive this sick and twisted homage to “Die Hard?” Moreover, will he manage saving the day without revealing his secret identity to the entire school?

    3. “Helpless” After witnessing LeRoy’s transformation into Prince Awesome via the security cameras, Principal Brandon Bradford has captured our hero and forces him into a deal that he cannot refuse! Bradford has blackmailed LeRoy into a life of forced drug dealing for LeRoy has the power and the skill in managing Bradford’s “side job” for he has done this heinous act on other children coercing them into this atrocious routine! Will Haruhi, Kobe, and Ben save LeRoy from a life of forced drug dealing? Can the Defenders also end Bradford’s drug empire and his forced labor of children?

    4. “Susan Springs, friend or foe?!” LeRoy’s fellow classmate, Susan Springs has started a cult following praising the actions of Prince Awesome for his heroic deeds thus far. At the same time, she has gained an affectionate interest in our plucky hero’s odd behavior. Now knowing that Susan may be on to him and his secret life, LeRoy must prevent Susan from discovering that he is in fact the person she admires, Prince Awesome while averting the latest menace in Flint, Jace White, a man appearing to have a past with LeRoy’s father, LeRoy Jr. In addition, our hero meets his first real friend in the confident and dignified Cody Cage, a young boy who shares many similarities with LeRoy in a variety of ways.

    5. “The Graveyard Shift” There has been numerous reports coming from the news of disappearing people who have only one thing in common… they all have worked the “graveyard shift.” Consequently, Cody’s father has gone missing as well and after seeing how much Cody cares for his father, LeRoy goes uncovers hopefully uncovering this ominous, threatening occurrence in the process. Meanwhile, LeRoy’s parents (LeRoy Jr. and Rachael) begin their long time worries about their son’s recent performance in his classes.

    6. “The Blood Brigade” A-team of 90s’ anti-heroes have invaded Flint in an effort hoping that they can recruit LeRoy into the Blood Brigade, the most notorious superhero team around. Conversely, LeRoy refuses their offer citing their violent, animistic methods in fighting evil in general thus angering their fearless leader, Dave. After witnessing LeRoy’s playful flirting with both Jasmine Adams and Susan Springs, they kidnap them both hoping that LeRoy comes. This leads into a short tournament where if LeRoy is defeated by the five members of the team, he must join them! In addition, the stakes are raised even higher when Susan Springs and Jasmine Adams are placed in danger thus making LeRoy’s focus harder than usual. Will our hero defeat the coldblooded Blood Brigade?

    7. “The Tale of the Lonely Fairy” While visiting a mystic town in Youngstown, Ohio, LeRoy encounters Lizzie a Fairy whose on the run from the merciless troll gang known only as the Shields of Rust whom have held Lizzie captive for over six months using her energy for their own unsympathetic practice. Upon hearing of this horrifying act, LeRoy decides that he must assist Lizzie in finding her way back home and defeat the Shields of Rust additionally. While all of this is happening, Susan continues her overwhelming researching of the possible connection between her levelheaded new friend, LeRoy and the marvelous Prince Awesome!

    8. “The Black Riders of Albion” LeRoy, LeRoy Jr. and Grandpa have discovered that the Black Riders of Albion have started their comeback after their very last appearance in the year 1987. Their new leader, Thomas the VII has started a new army whom has the same goal as his decreased father had eighteen years ago… which just so happens involving taking over the USA and creating their own “United States” Therefore, the original superhero (Grandpa), the son who refused the Defenders’ lifestyle (LeRoy Jr.), and the grandchild who didn’t refuse the Defenders’ lifestyle must prevent Thomas’s insidious plot! Meanwhile, Susan develops jealously because of LeRoy hanging out with Jasmine and Jessica, her so-called rivals for his affections.

    9. “A Hero’s Burdens” As the fall season continues, LeRoy has begun seeing the understandings of how difficult that being this superhero brings within his life. However, after his devastating defeat suffered by the ring filled hands of Thomas the VII a week ago, our hero has begun questioning his competency as a superhero and must make a decision on this “Prince Awesome” life. Meanwhile, Susan begins her subtle moves in advancing her plan in making good ol’ LeRoy notice her.

    10. “The Living Swamp” LeRoy arrives in Portage hopefully there supporting Susan whose running in this statewide cross-country championship. However, when a mysterious miasma materializes over this enormous sporting event, has taken Portage off the map completely, and has taken Susan prisoner! With the entire place trapped within this deadly mist and with his best friend kidnapped, LeRoy must pinpoint the “roots” of this mysterious problem while making sure that the Living Swamp doesn’t deliver on its promise on extracting its revenge on the Springs family.

    11. “Cyborgs for Christmas!” Many weeks have past and it’s the Holiday Season, which means that it’s also Secret Santa Time as well! After drawing Cody’s name in a hat, LeRoy must find a gift for his new friend. However, he must also deal with the Villain of this week… The Cybersages, whom are a race of robotic wizards who have invaded Earth seeking a missing alien who goes by the name of “Doug.” In addition, if they do not locate “Doug” by midnight, the Cybersages will start extinguishing half of the world’s populace… Will they succeed? And will LeRoy find that gift for Cody?

    12. “Haruhi Tsukino” In a change-up of the usual format, we have decided that dedicating this issue Ms. Haruhi Tsukino should be quite entertaining. Every mysterious part of Haruhi’s life will be revealed in this issue such as how she received her god-like powers, her connections to LeRoy’s family and how she met Kobe and her questionable decisions in leading the Defenders during the dark days of the Dark Age of Superheroes…

    13. “Snow and Flames” A brother and sister duo who can harness the powers of fire and ice hold a match in which whoever who can defeat Prince Awesome the first will have the sole right burning or freezing the city of Flint down. Subsequently, LeRoy must continue enhancing his abilities during this bout unless he becomes a fried/frozen hero first…[/FONT]

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    And for the rest of Volume One enjoy and feel free to leave any comments, suggestions etc!
    14. “Secrets” Allan Rich, a jealous fellow classmate of LeRoy’s stumbles upon his secret life as the superhero, Prince Awesome by viewing the tape that Bradford destroyed months ago from Tommy Malick. With the stunning piece of knowledge now set within his head, Allan blackmails LeRoy by limiting his career and if he chooses not, he will reveal his secret identity worldwide at about 7:00pm on the news thus ruining his life ASAP. Without any options left, LeRoy finds himself forced into this deal... However, as the week goes on, LeRoy also discovers a painful secret of Allan’s as well…

    15. “Aliens in Burger King!” “Doug”, an alien who been rogue for quite some time now has been spotted in Las Vegas, Nevada after eluding imprisonment against the Cybersages many months ago. This leads the CIA’s paranormal division being assigned on the assignment of capturing “Doug” dead or alive! Upon seeing this as a way for him to atone for his mistake of allowing “Doug” a free pass from their previous encounter, LeRoy, Haruhi, Kobe and Ben must locate “Doug” first and capture him before Agents Domino and Yahtzee incarcerate him first. Meanwhile, Susan wonders about a possible “relationship” with our lovely hero while she fends off the unwanted advances of resident jocks in the making, Trevor Travis and Thomas “Tom” Terrell.

    16. “Captain Overlord’s Pain” During a visit in Oregon in search of any other alien presence within the West Coast, LeRoy becomes acquainted with a legendary hero from the Defenders’ era of the 70s and 80s, Technomane! The two heroes agree that it is only right for them teaming-up in order for them combating this alien presence at an efficient rate. However, when LeRoy begins displaying his escalating power, Technomane starts showing jealous of LeRoy for stealing the spotlight in his town he has protected for so long now. As the day continues on, it is revealed that Technomane has somehow created a loophole in time itself that locks this town in the 1980s and has enforced everyone live in the same decade for the last 2 decades and half. Once LeRoy exposes this stunning secret, this tosses Technomane over the edge in terms of his sanity and with that challenges our puzzled hero in combat while dubbing himself from this point on as Captain Overload!

    17. “Wooden Heart, Michigan” In the country sides of good ol’ Michigan, our hero is investigating a small town called Wooden Heart where there have been reports of a super-powered Neo Nazi following and it’s LeRoy’s job as a Defender do what he always does save the day from the so-called “New Following” who have committed several hate crimes and now he must also defeat their leader, Adolf who later reveals that he too possess Defender powers! Later on, LeRoy and Cody have planned a “date” with Susan and Amelia at the Roller Rink for this day however the true question of the day becomes will LeRoy actually make it there?

    18. “mime artist” Part 1 In this 2-parter issue, LeRoy after failing meeting the demands of Susan from the previous issue decides that he will take the weekend off so he can somehow make this up for Susan this time around. However, all of this is happening when a lonely mime named Wally unconsciously wishes that everyone could understand him and a wish is granted to him by an evil genie who proceeds to turn the entire state of Michigan into a silent battleground… Now without the aid of sound, the Defenders will have to find a way to reverse this wish in this epic 2-parter issue!

    19. “mime artist” Part 2 Previously on LeRoy… Wally was competent enough in defeating our hero by using his skills as a mime! In order for him finding an approach in combating Wally’s odd fighting style, LeRoy must learn the ways of the mime by using Wally’s own skill against him before they can reverse the spell set by Sultan, the evil genie. Afterwards, LeRoy and Susan spent some quality time together and they both agree that they are both going on the school’s end of the year trip to Chicago!

    20. “Mad Dog” When a member of a ruthless biker gang is given the spliced DNA of both a dog and a bear, Mr. Nate Nichols was given the heighten attributes of said animals and comes up with a conclusion that he must take over as their new leader and make his gang the most prevailing drug pushers in Michigan. This uprising attracts the attention of Haruhi who sends out LeRoy since he is the only Defender present now. However, upon coming into conflict with Nate, LeRoy is badly beaten by “Mad Dog” because of his phobia of dogs during a time when he was in training with his grandfather in 1997. With our hero, cowing in fear and Mad Dog’s gang quickly rising up the ranks and in the process begins their quest in cause more deaths and terror around Michigan… Can LeRoy overcome his fear of dogs so that he may once again save the day or will he allows Mad Dog continue causing fear into the state he loves?

    21. “The Field Trip” Part 1 The calendar turns from May to June, the final month of the school year and it seems that LeRoy is on the failing list and he’ll ultimately repeat the 6th grade… Elsewhere, Tommy Malick, LeRoy Sr.’s sidekick has made his long-awaited return even more potent and merciless than ever before and has invaded the school’s annual trip hoping that he will find Prince Awesome waiting for him… However, LeRoy is currently on punishment for disobeying his mother! This forces Tommy coming up with a plan that involves kidnapping LeRoy’s classmates and delivers a threat that if LeRoy does not arrive momentarily, he will kill the one whom has an aforementioned relationship with our hero and that someone is Susan Springs!

    22. “Trap” Part 2 Previously on LeRoy… After receiving the approval from his parents who did not have much of a choice anyway, LeRoy alongside the Defenders has ensured that they have arrived directly in Chicago so that they defeat Tommy once again. However, after splitting up Haruhi, Kobe and Ben from LeRoy, he has willingly becomes the prey of Tommy’s trap, which means in order for LeRoy if he wants fight Tommy, he must fight his way through the Boiling Bolts, Tommy’s new comrades whom have used their powers in the underground fight clubs worldwide, nevertheless with Tommy’s blessing, they have placed a power nullifier on our hero that limits his use of his own power! With LeRoy under tremendous pressure because of how Susan’s life is vastly uncertain and with his power source shut off by the Boiling Bolts… How will he win this bout? Meanwhile, Cody under the disguise of The Wandering Shade confronts Tommy hoping to defeat him…

    23. “Tommy’s Vengeance!” Part 3 Previously on LeRoy… Cody Cage, the Wandering Shade finds himself currently locked in a duel with Tommy and subsequently was competent enough in rescuing Susan however; he was destabilized a great deal during the encounter and passes out before they can get far enough in evading the onslaught that is Tommy Malick! However, with the support of Haruhi and Kobe, LeRoy becomes resilient enough in confronting his hated rival, Tommy all alone… Tommy tells LeRoy that he has played a role in LeRoy’s increasing power and wishes to duel him without the aid of their powers… Consequently begins the fight that everyone has waited for. LeRoy vs. Tommy, no powers… just ol’ fashioned fisticuffs and only one can emerge the victor…

    24. “Depressing Finale.” Part 4 Previously on LeRoy… In our final part of this epic 4-part season finale, our courageous hero was dealt the murdering blow in front of Susan who now knows that her research was indeed accurate that her friend, LeRoy McCool was actually the fledgling hero whom she fantasized about in Prince Awesome… With his life flashing before his vanishing eyes, LeRoy realizes that this cannot be the end for him just yet, as he must defeat Tommy not only for himself but also for his mentors, friends and the people who look up and see Prince Awesome giving it his all! In addition, witness the colossal moments for the Defenders, LeRoy’s family and Ms. Susan Springs herself… Do not Miss the Finale!


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