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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypestyle View Post
    I just happened to notice this- based on the Nu-52 costume design-- it goes up to 3X so fangirls (boys?) of all sizes can represent--
    Yeah, I'd wear that to a Con. But I prefer the black t-shirt with the insignia on it. And I sure wasn't embarrased to wear a WW t-shirt when I posed next to Jaimie Alexander, Summer Glau and Morena Baccarin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelDyer View Post

    There's a Wonder-logo shirt men AND women can wear! Just my opinion, but, the shirt that the OP posted is a girl's shirt and intended to be, as it mimicks Wonder Woman's armored breatsplate.
    The shirt you linked is great too. and you're right, it's more unisex. However ... I don't see a problem with wearing the first one if you identify as male. Mainly because I don't consider something that is feminine to be a bad thing, which is something many men do without even realizing it.
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    I say if you like the design of the shirt and it fits go for it. Outside of superhero characters that have made movie appearances it is hard to say if wearing any superhero themed shirt is cool. And even then there will be those who believe that superheros are for kids so grown people shouldn't be that interested in them. But as afar as superheros go, you'd probably get more flack from non superhero comic readers for wearing an Aquaman shirt than a Wonder Woman one.

    On the male/female clothes thing. I pretty much agree with liopleurodon. Besides it is not like that "bodice" shirt is like this pj set with an exaggerated outline of a female form.
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