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    Default Metropolis Mailbag

    I would like to see the Metropolis Mailbag return to the Superman title and ReAction to the pages of Action.
    That was always one of my favorite features as a kid. I remember for a while during Byrne's run Metropolis Mailbag was retitled to just "Superman" and fan request convinced them to return the old moniker.

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    I miss letter's pages, the ones with the cool titles like Metropolis Mailbag especially. Or "Smallville Mailsack", "Wonder Words" was another good one.
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    I miss when they would address criticism in the letters pages instead of just posting praise.
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    The problem is . . . do readers know how to write good letters (that aren't just txt mssgs or other crap-English), and would DC be willing to place good people in positions of giving good responses?

    The letter pages they had just before the New 52 were just garbage, and I don't know how much of that was because DC was keeping future plans in the dark, or that DC didn't know how to come up with intelligent and interesting responses, or did DC just receive pathetic letters in the first place?

    In the old days, people didn't have all these message boards, Facebook, and other methods of obtaining quicker responses. Even if DC went back to getting letters by e-mail, what lag time are we talking between when someone contacts DC and when a response is printed in a comic book? No matter how much I enjoyed some letter pages when I was younger, is it practical to even attempt them again in the 21st century?
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    You guys should read "Saga". Best letters page(s) I've seen in years and years.

    Dark Horse's "Conan the Barbarian" also has a letters page which frequently has criticism. Same with "Chew".

    But titles like these arguably have a different sort of fan, ones that might be more inclined to write something worth reading. "Saga", for example, only accepts actual letters that get mailed - no emails. To sit down and write a physical letter, get a stamp and mail it out is almost a guarantee that one's time won't be wasted by reading it.
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