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    Hi all.

    Im relativly new to anime and am after some recommendations.
    From the small number of movies/shows ive seen the few that stood out to me are:

    Ghost in the Shell (inc SAC)
    Cowboy Bebop
    Ergo Proxy

    Also Ghibli stuff.

    As you can see i tend to lean towards the sci-fi/cyberpunk genre. Could anyone recommend anything in the same vein? I prefer more straight faced "mature" stuff that the more "goofy" (for lack of a better term) type of show but am still pretty open to whatevers a good watch. Movie or TV series.

    Thanks y'all!

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    a? Try Fairy Tail will be blown away .Maybe Detective Conan if you are into Csi stuff you will like detective conan if not ....
    Devil May Cry the anime if you know the game you may like it ,but if don't know ....... you may like it .Un-Go more detective stuff .7 Samurai sci-fi anime take on the classic movie of Akira Kurosawa Samurai Seven .Tokko this is more of supernatural thriller /horror , bloody .Samurai Deeper Kyo fun take on samurai drama with a twists here and there .Samurai Champloo from the same guy who did Cowboy Bebop ,different era different take on samurais .Psycho-Pass this is more of you alley cyberpunk at it finest .I am at episode number 7 and i am having some much fun with that i can't stop smiling every time i watch a new episode.Gintama this epic is 200+ episode parody of cliches of animes are here there ,but there is a lot of good drama and loveable characters if you try it you will not be sorry .
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    If you don't mind some nudity and a bit of gore, Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne has a bit of nice mindscrewiness to it. If you go in for that sort of thing.
    I only watched it for the lesbians, truth be told.

    If you like modern day criminal action stories, I'd recommend Black Lagoon and Jormugand.

    For movies, I'd recommend Paprika, and if you want something a bit lighter and softer, Summer Wars.

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    I second the recommendation for Summer Wars. While elements of the movie are a little goofy, the overall premise of family, friendship, and love is extremely strong.

    Now, I'm going old school:

    For sci fi, I recommend Macross, Macross Frontier, and Macross Plus. The original series is one of the classic animes and these two sequels are almost universally adored by Macross fans.

    For Cyberpunk, you can't get any more cyberpunk than the original Bubblegum Crisis. These OVA's were heavily influenced by Blade Runner and the music is pretty damn good too.

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    Going by your examples, try Guilty Crown. I'm usually not a fan of the darker dystopian stuff but it's very well done.
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