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    Default Green Lantern Corps #16 Discussion/Spoilers

    Tomasi continues his "Fall of Guy Gardner" story.

    The Third Army is still present of course, but Tomasi finds a pretty good way to include them into the plot without interrupting his current arc. I loved how Guy was trying to play the "woe is me" act but it never works for him, kicking a prisoner's ass in jail and destroying most of the Third Army while he's trying to feel bad for himself. Awesome.

    Baz also appears in this story and the comparisons between him and Guy are pretty apparent. Also, John kicked ass in this issue.

    Nice issue and I'm glad that the annual is coming in just two weeks.

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    Love Guy, love John. More Guy than John, as usual - but John's storyline felt like a classic Green Lantern story with a bit of connective continuity in his Mogo Quest, whereas Guy awesome as he is, is ensconced and stuck in Third Army crossover land. "Zombies attack Earth and Guy escapes". It's neat and Baz and B'dg and Guy's siblings are all fine, likable, good times.

    But "Green Lantern and the foxy Star Sapphire who was his mortal enemy" bring to justice a spaceship full of raiders who have a big force-field chamber with Mogo-chunks in it they're using for weapon energy? That's just good sci-fi.
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    This was the worst GL book of the week.

    Even New Guardians was better (actually, thanks to Kuder, New Guardians is pretty good).

    Just not for me, I guess.
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    Found it to be better than both GL and NG, consistent to how I felt about previous issues in the GL Fam books.

    All three GL books were actually pretty good this month. Usually there's at least one dud.

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    Dis issue was quite gd ....Guy family reunion in battle with Space Zombies, Stewart 'reunion' with Fatality(hope she stays longer in dis buk hoping 4 sum romance 4 Stewart) with d Mogo quest in addition 2 a smooth transition of Baz frm d GL buk & all giving badassery. Gd read...we/SZ await d nxt issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tandaemonium View Post

    All three GL books were actually pretty good this month. Usually there's at least one dud.
    I'll go with this. Sometimes I read the books and one clearly isn't keeping up in quality, this time I didn't mind the cross over because the quality was good all through out.

    And Baz and Guy are kind of fun together "Damn good idea" indeed.
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