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    Default Digital or Print

    which should i go? im getting a kindle on my birthday and wanted to know which route i should take, i buy a TON of books as it is and now im going back into comics, i dont mind buying them i just wanted to know which is the better choice.

    I do prefer reading my books on hardcover, mainly for the new book smell, but my main concern is when i travel, too many times i have some "accidents" and would have to buy a new copy, so i wonder which you guys prefer.

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    That's your call. There are plenty of free comics available digitally, so try some out once you get your Kindle and see how you like it.

    I personally went all digital awhile back for the convenience and speed of getting new issues and the ease of storage. Your deciding factors will be your own.
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    When you say Kindle, you mean Kindle Fire, yes? Kindle Fire HD, maybe?

    If so... I say maybe. I personally don't think the screen on a Kindle Fire is large enough to replace the proper print size satisfactorily. Its just a little too small. Now, the iPad (my tablet of choice) is large enough to act as a full print replacement.

    So my suggestion is go half and half. Stuff that matters to you to have the better reproduction, stick with print. Stuff you want to try out, or your looking to save money on; go digital. Though if you find the Kindle experiance satisfactory, by all means go full digital. Heck, if you ever upgrade your tablet to a larger screen in the future, all your purchases transfer anyway. So, forward compatibility and all that.

    There is a large screen Kindle Fire HD, yes? I don't know much about it, does anyone know how big it is compared to the iPad?

    PS: I went full digital back in December. Its been a great experiance in almost every way. But again, I'm on iPad. So my experience might be different then yours.

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    I prefer print, I just enjoy the collecting part as well. I know they sell combo packs for a dollar more per issue, so you could technically do both. I'm just not sure how to get combo packs, my LCS doesn't sell them.
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    Honestly I do both. I love the convience of Digital because if I missed something, my shop misses a pull or doesn't order a particular issue I can easily get in digitally plus I don't have to worry so much about storage. (I keep quite a few mini and runs loaded on my tablet for easy access when I'm not near a wifi connection)

    I love printed books for the feel and smell of the print. I also want to support my local shop and help them to stay open and selling for as long as it's possible.

    So whatever makes you most happy and feel most comfortable. I agree that you really should try out a few free books from Comixology to see how you feel about reading comics on the kindle and the guided view system. Great luck which ever you choose!
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    good point, as of right now im reading from an ipad and a kindle is smaller, looks like ill be going half and half, thanks guys ^_^

    i just love the new book smell XD

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    hardcovers >> TPBs > digital >>> floppies.

    New book smell counts only for really large piles of freshly printed comics, or any new collection. New digital smell is very nice too.
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    I am mostly digital now. I find it more convenient for me because I can still read in the dark while the kids or wife are sleeping. I don't need to fuss with finding issues because they are all in one place when going digital. The good thing about DC comics is that back issues for current titles are 1.99 on Comixology. If you're like me and don't get to read all your issues right away, waiting a few weeks after release date can save you $1 per issue when compared to buying physical.

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    I'm completely digital. Though I think Marvel and DC have barely scratched the surface yet
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    I myself have been drifting towards digital as of late. I just don't want to deal with the storage concerns of so many floppies anymore.

    I also find that I'm starting to really like Comixology's panel-by-panel option.
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    I need to get me a tablet lol

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    If you have a tablet and/or don't mind reading off a computer screen, digital is the way to go. Been 100% Digital since Marvel Now and Batman Inc's return. Love it. Especially now that they put the comics up online early in teh day
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    I've gone completely digital, but I read my books on my ipad and ipod touch, via comixology.

    Before you go digital, make sure you're able to get the books you want (from your preferred publishers), on your Kindle. Unfortunately, at this point, it seems not all digital avenues are equal, which I would say is one of the biggest minuses for digital.
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    I have a kindle fire 8.9, which has a pretty large screen. I was considering some digital issues too. How do the digital readers handle splash pages or busy pages? Are they difficult to see with digital books? My personal preference is print. I just like the experience of going to a comic shop or convention and collecting the books. I find it fun to go through a pile of comics. Though there are some things that are tough to find in print and I don't mind digital. Just as long as the digital are just as easy to read.

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    I use the Kindle 8.9 for some comics with Comixology. Splash pages are done horizontally. You can zoom, and guided view might scan across the page from part to part.


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