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    Default Need GENUINE help in finding publisher for 128 FINISHED graphic novel

    I will be brief. My name is Kevin Storm. I have finished making the book Serial Artist, in collaboration with American writer Robert Randle. The book is getting amazing feedback from some industry professionals that I personally call my heroes. Every publisher we send it to loves the book and still we have NOT found someone to publish.

    This is a 128 page serious comic, that operates on several levels, right down to it being an actual puzzle. But that's not the issue here.
    I am looking for ANY advice on finding the right publisher for THIS TYPE of book. ALL and ANY feedback is greatly appreciated and the right tip will DEFINITELY be rewarded. Be it through mentioning in credits page or actual copy of it. Below is the link to the website which contains a preview to the book, VIDEO, and what people have to say about it.
    Again, this is not spam, as we have nothing to sell yet;) We are looking for genuine advice or pointers.

    Here is the website:


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    I'm guessing you've sent submission packages to all the top indie publishers (Image, Top Shelf, Oni Press, Slave Labor, Fantagrphics, D&Q, Avatar, etc.).
    Here's a decent list of various publishers

    If not, research each publisher and see if your work fits their previous work. Most indie publishers (like Image) don't really have a set theme in terms of what they will and will not publish (though some do favor some genres/styles). Most are looking for engaging stories that they think people will buy. Having connections in the industry helps. But in the end, most publishers are looking at what will make money.

    Also in this day and age, you don't necessarily need a publisher to get your book out there. You can self-publish in print and/or digital. You could put the comic up on your site with ads to support the cost and then sell pdfs/cbrs through your own site or various sites like DriveThruComics. You could also do print-on-demand through places like Lulu, ComiXpress, Ka-Blam. You could do a press-printed version do it with self-funding or even crowd funding via sites like Kickstarter.

    It's more work on your part, but you get way more control over your own work.

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    There reallly is a publisher called Slave Labour.

    Is that in North Korea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Choblik View Post
    There reallly is a publisher called Slave Labour.

    Is that in North Korea?

    Slave Labor Graphics has been around for quite some time
    Michael Pilgaard, fanboy at large
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