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    Quote Originally Posted by AlfredIslas View Post
    WW fans have the right to have issues with the book. The Amazons are rapists, murderers, and disgusting misandrists who throw away their male offspring to die.
    Yes, based on the testimony of Hephaestus, who tends to have mommy/women issues. And I'm not sure where the Amazons were ever depicted as rapists.

    Not everybody's lives depend on critical acclaim. The book is more about the Gods and every Demigod besides Wonder Woman.
    That's weird, as she's been in every issue of the title and events seem to revolve around her.

    When the readers don't even know what powerset Diana has, there definitely is a problem.
    What about her powerset confuses you? She has super strength, speed, and the ability to fly. She can also go into god-mode.

    The entire book is about introducing a different Demigod, God, or God and showing us how "cool" their powerset is. Wonder Woman reader have to actually read Superman family comics in order to tell us if she can fly or not.
    Hermes gave her the ability to fly in issue #12.

    There definitely is a long list of valid reasons to dislike Azzarello's writing. From the Amazons being rapists and extreme misandrist,
    They didn't rape anyone and they're not specifically misandrist.

    more focus on the Wonder Woman's God family than Wonder Woman herself,
    The book revolves around Diana quite nicely, actually.

    and readers being left way in the dark about WW's powerset
    Except you haven't.

    I don't blame anybody for hating Azzarello. People shouldn't have to pretend like his writing is good.
    No, they don't, but enough people actually do like it.

    Bottom line: WW fans are the worst. They actually get off on being miserable.
    "A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her."

    Oscar Wilde

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurosawa View Post
    And they shouldn't be. Apart from bits and pieces of Perez' run, they've never experienced a well-done Wonder Woman and they never will.
    I disagree, they had. Its fine if they like one work over the other, what is unfortunate is they insist that they should like one over the other.
    One doesn't need the validation of others to justify what they like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enediol View Post
    Batmans fans are the worst - specifically the Grant Morrison types.
    I agree, I like Morrison, but his fans are like an obnoxious cult.

    Quote Originally Posted by new_onslaught View Post
    There should be a poll.
    Wonder woman fans are the worst. They didn't want the pants.
    I think fans and non fans a agree that is nicer to see her going Sponge Bob No Pants.
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    Clearly not Superman. I'm a Superman fan and I'm awesome. Right folks? Right? ...Hello?
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