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    Default Rurouni Kenshin: New Kyoto Arc OVAs?

    Is it any good/comparable to the old series? Just wondering cuz the Blu-ray is coming out on March.


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    They are Ok, though they explan NOTHING. If you show this to someone who knew nothing about Kenshin they would be throughly confused. The animation is much better, though.
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    OK thanks.

    Is it the type of movie you can watch over and over again though? Or just a one time viewing?

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    Honestly, it's probably good for a one-time viewing. If you've seen the arc in the original anime, then this is nothing special. In fact, it omits quite a bit of the manga/anime's content and even the alternative viewpoints of the other characters add little to the experience. If you have the original anime, you don't need to purchase this. If you wish to see it, then you should probably rent it.

    Frankly, I'm just holding off until the Jinchuu arc, since that's easily OVA material given how short it is compared to Kyoto.


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