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    Default Latest CBR Ink: A Complaint

    I have absolutely no idea where else to post this--there are forums for blogs but not for CBR Ink--so since it is about the CBR site, this comes closest, I guess. If there's a better forum for it, if a moderator could move it to wherever it belongs, I appreciate it.

    Today's CBR Ink--"Just Say N(W)O to This Hulk Hogan Tattoo"--seems like a very troubling direction for CBR to take. Some anonymous stranger out there in the world has a tattoo that the writer of the column doesn't like. This is an individual, not a comics or film company, so having a tattoo which is not necessarily the best art isn't exactly news--except to basically draw attention to this random stranger and mock him in front of whoever clicks the link. That's... needlessly rude. Oh, and it invites the readers to post about it.

    It's one thing to have some great, genre-related tattoos displayed out there, hopefully with the permission of the owners. It's another thing to single a stranger out for ridicule like this. It's unprofessional, childish, and just plain nasty.

    Is this the kind of site CBR really wishes to become? I, and I am sure many others, expect better from the site.

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    Best to send this to as the main site is somewhat separate from the Forums.

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