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    Default A different type of comic book villian

    I just realized there is another way to answer this question of the top 10 villians of comics:

    1.Fredric Wertham
    2.Comics Code Authority
    3.The DC "Implosion"
    4.Scotch tape (I have had 2 bad experiences hurting NM-VF comics due to taped bags and boards)
    5.Crayons, magic markers, etc. (well, I know kids had fun doing it, which is good, but the 1956 Dagwood I just bought would look better without them)
    6.Video games (for both taking away the young audience, and inspiring insipid tie-in titles)
    7.Reboots (Let the people age & die, already, a la Gasoline Alley)
    8.Clones and fake deaths and rebirths and other really bad ideas that are kind of like reboots
    9.Too many improbably muscled people (the range between myself-eech--and oiled men from Muscle and Fitness covers would be the best fit for most heroes)
    10.The Watchmen (Yes, I know it's the best superhero comic ever. That's the problem: writers have been trying to duplicate it for decades now. Stop. Just stop.)

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    Well in no particular order
    01. Red Skull...All that Nazi badness...and Sleepers...and cubism
    02. Crossbones...Probably my favourite of the newer generation goonsquad
    03. Dr Doom...As with all the classics, overused now, but still...
    04. Bullseye...because of those early Daredevils
    05. Darkseid...Great Darkness of my top comics EVER
    06. Ultron...I started collecting as he was putting the Avengers through their paces in the 70s, with Perez art...nuff said
    07. Ras Al Ghul...for those early Adams books...the best both characters ever were
    08. Judge Caligula...2000AD at its finest
    09. Herr Starr...cos I saw the mention on another page, but Jody and the Saint of Killers arent far behind
    10. Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)...from those classic Spidey stories(esp being dragged bound and unmasked across the sky) to the current EVIL GENIUS, like both incarnations.
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    I've gotten to the point where, for me, these types of lists are a bit meaningless. Once upon a time (many moons ago) I might have said The Joker. But which one. Because there's virtually no common ground between the one in the TV show and the one with his face cut up recently.

    That said...I'll go my own way...

    Fu Manchu - politically incorrect he may be, but I love Rohmer's embodiment of the yellow peril. There's something going on for a villain to be able to maintain a book series.

    John Sunlight - the only villain to make a return trip against Doc Savage.

    Napoleon (Animal Farm) - only redeeming value is he's not as bad as his basis.

    Dr. Miguelito Loveless - the deadly dwarf.

    Monsieur Mallah - because French gorilla.

    Fin Fang Foom - dragon in shorts.

    Roy Batty - Rutger Hauer at his best.

    Captain Beatty - took too much pleasure in burning.

    Rotwang - because...seriously that name is awesome.

    Harry Lime - ummm...really...Orson Welles.
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    In no particular order:

    Green Goblin
    Dr. Octopus
    Dr. Doom
    Lex Luthor
    Raoul Bushman

    I am obsessed with the idea of completely erasing Spider-Man from every Marvel continuity

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    No Order (Note: all Spider-Villains are from 1963-2007, everything Spidey-wise after irredeemably blows)

    1. Penguin
    2. Riddler
    3. Joker
    4. Catwoman
    5. Arcade
    6. Doctor Octopus
    7. Lizard
    8. Green Goblin
    9. Brainiac
    10. Gorilla Grodd

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    1. Thanos
    2. Ig'nea
    3. Harley Quinn
    4. Deadshot
    5. Starro
    6. Bullseye
    7. Baroness
    8. Madman
    9. Magus
    10. Juggernaut
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    Rotwang ... good call...
    Anyway, it is cool for you to acquire acrimony of crumbling time on blast this website.
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    Off the top of my head. List may vary from minute to minute

    1. Dr. Doom
    2. Thanos
    3. Magneto
    4. Galactus
    5 Joker
    6. Dr. Octopus
    7. Chance
    8. Kingpin
    9. Ultron
    10. 9-Jack-9
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