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    Default Was War Goddess #11 a good read?

    Is the WAR GODDESS series any good? I tried #11 on a whim - and because the "ENLIST" cover had a bit of sexy draw to it. It wasn't bad and wasn't good because I don't know buppkiss about any of 'em. Is this like a girl power title with no male leads? This war goddess is some long lived race with a mystic dagger? Grace Choi and Katana wrapped in one? I can't seem to google the comicbookresources preview but there is this one:
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    Is BOUNDLESS COMICS all new creations? Or is the spider-lady in the story from a previous title too? The head squishing was on the gratuitously morbid side but showing the spider-lady naked for 1 page was (attempt at) a... balance on the momentarily erotic side. But it is the script that is the deciding factor and this seemed average. I was not clear who was challenging the big bad girl at the cliffhanger so ended up with little motivation to see the next issue. Unless someone can sell it better.

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    I haven't been reading myself, but I do know that Boundless is an imprint of Avatar Press. War Goddess was once Pandora. The "Spider Lady" is called Widow. has regular previews of Avatar and Boundless comics. You might try going there if interested.
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    I have been reading War Goddess, and found it to be a better version of Wonder Woman.

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    From what I understand (i cant remember where i read this), the characters in this book are some of the "Bad Girl" properties from the 90's and early 2000s who have been revamped and all put into one book. The characters make reference to having known and fought with each other for years, but overall continuity is somewhat reset. I've been picking it up from the first issue and while it not usually near the top of my reading pile, it's pretty good.
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