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    Nice that the story arc will be long and most likely complex. I love a character with a redemptive or flirting with redemption story.

    My guess is that Orion and Kalibak have a sister. Fury may be the daughter that Darkseid was looking for in Justice League when the DCnU started–a New Demigod. Uncle Steppenwolf is raising her to be one of Darkseid's Elite while they are trapped on Earth 2 from the destruction of Boom Tube technology. Darkseid disguised himself/pulled on Zeus on the Wonder Woman of Earth 2 without her knowing it and it's tied into why she was the first "Wonder" who appeared on Earth 2. Would make an interesting parallel to the divine parentage to the Wonder Woman of Earth 0/New Earth.

    No confirmation on or "reason" to know this past my psychic Piscean intuition. ;)
    "Gargantua, stop! We're... friends!"
    - Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

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    Double Post
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    "Gargantua, stop! We're... friends!"
    - Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomFalls View Post

    I'm actually okay if she turns out to just be a flat out bad guy.
    Actually, me, too. That's NOT a cliche.


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