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    Default REVIEW: Fatale, #11

    Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips tell the first of a series of one-off stories about Josephine's past in "Fatale" #11, and this tale from the 1930s is not only a great introduction to the series, it's plain great.

    Full review here.

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    Wow! I am so infatuated with Fatale, and it really makes my head spin sometimes! Just so much at once, and so much to think about. I love it! I was so entranced by this issue, that I feel like there is so much more to tell based on each character's storyline. For instance, near the end, it says that he had figured out why McVicar's charms did not work on him, but it doesn't say why. Also, did Josephine see the same thing as Alfred did (the ghost of his mother, with those creepy tentacles), and was that what she was running from? The narrative is so well written, poetic almost, but it can come off as almost vague because it goes on so many tangents, and almost feels like it isn't completely comprehensible unless you are in the minds of the characters. It's so awesome though!!!!
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