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    Since you really like Girls the Wild, you try Green Boy. It's a lot Girls the Wild but it feels more like sports manhwa. It has a wimpy, bullied main character but he gets into boxing to impress a girl. However, there's hints that the main character has a natural talent for boxing.

    There isn't "harem" but there are rivals to the main character and the girl he likes.
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    Here's print manhwa, Gwisin Byeolgok. It's about a high school girl who has a ghost that wants to her energy. The way the story is set feels a like combination of Inuyasha and Shaman King.

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    Thanks, love the romance aspect of Green Boy. I've read about 20 chapters since then. Kind of slow moving, but good character moments. She reminds me in some ways of Queen from GOTW.

    Will try that Gwisin Byeolgok if I can find it too.

    BTW, I also tried that God of Bath and didn't care for it. Sorry about that. The story just felt kind of pointless and a bit too silly.

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    Blood Lad is getting an anime adaptation so if you were looking for more anime to watch then that might be one for you to look out for. Very nice mix of action and comedy.

    Also you should check out Psyren. It is very much in the same vein as a lot of the other series you have read and it is actually one of my favorites in recent years. Deals with time travel, psychic powers and has a lot of interesting concepts.
    Haven't had a chance to try these yet, but soon. So much to read, so little time.

    On my "to do" list:
    Gwisin Byeolgok
    Blood Lad
    Tower of God
    My Heart is Beating
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    I've finally found the name of the one webtoon where the manhwaga has pay off his debts with MMA fighting. It's called "Comic Man Blues" but I've haven't been able to find it on Naver.

    Green Boy is like a combination of a Sports Manga mixed in with a K Drama. I'm starting to notice a trend with Korean manhwa, they seem to more into depicting drama more than Japanese manga.


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