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    Default The Walking Dead #100 "Lucille" variant. Foil vs. Non-foil.

    Can someone explain how this happened, and if there are any differences besides the foil?
    When were each released?
    Which version do you prefer?

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    Don't take my word for it, but I don't think there is a Lucille Foil Variant. I know there's a foil cover, but it's just the regular cover. I could be wrong though.
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    I believe one is a retailer incentive and the other was a black friday release on skybound website.
    Retailer is limited -500 and the Foil is limited to 250?
    I could be wrong, I just want to clear it up.

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    100 views and no answers?

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    I don't exactly get the question, "How this happened?", Image saw an opportunity to sell more copies of the TWD 100, so they went after it. And 250 copies at $250 each, they made $6,250 minus expenses, which I imagine where low.

    Not sure about non-foil's release, but there is a Bleeding Cool article about it dating mid August 2012 so sometime around there or before.
    Foil was released as you said on Black Friday, so November 2012.

    I imagine the only differences are the cover type and price point.

    And honestly, I think it's a boring cover.

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