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    Default PREVIEW: Mind the Gap #7

    "WISH YOU WERE HERE," Part Two
    New Arc! Great Jumping on point! Join the mystery everyone is talking about!!
    As Dane and Jo try to find a way to clear his name, someone else is sitting pretty, unaware that it is merely the calm before the storm for them. And after Elle's latest "possession," will Dr Geller and Detective Wallace be able to set aside science and facts to start trusting in the supernatural?

    Full preview here.

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    Excuse my language but, WTF? In what world is Chomsky "long dead"? This made me furious.. I think Jim McCann should issue an apology as the character is written as checking a wikipedia page about Chomsky..

    [edit: found the page they are looking at, it is a page written on the concept that the characters are talking about introduced by Chomsky, and how exactly does the guy (character) assume Chomsky is "long dead" by looking at that page (which is a part of the Chomsky group of articles with the box to his life and works etc. at the bottom)? Why did this guy (McCann) write something like that? That is so infuriating.. ]
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    This was my least favorite issue to date in the series. Probably because it did not move anything forward with the story. Previously I had loved every issue. Let's see how this goes through 10 where we are supposed to learn the identity of the hoodie.
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