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    Default 19XX reprint now at over 20K on Kickstarter with 5 days left!

    My kickstarter campaign to reprint my first graphic novel has just crossed 14K at kckstarter. Here is what a couple people are saying about it!

    "In the 19XX, Paul Roman Martinez creates an entire world filled with bigger-than-life heroics, super-scientific mechanics and high-octane fun! Some might call this "dieselpunk," or "neo pulp," but the 19XX is far too original to fall into obvious categories. It's utterly new and completely unlike anything you've ever seen. Read it and love it!"
    -Brian Augustyn Writer, Gotham by Gaslight,

    "The 19XX is the most imaginative, accurate and beautiful book you’ve never ever heard of. While I have a deep an undying love of the oxymoron called historical fiction, all comic fans who appreciate a well-crafted and meaty (140+ pages) tale of the Great Generation during their heyday will find something to love in 19XX."
    -Rob Patey, Ain't it Cool News

    Follow the link here to learn more!

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    Congrats on breaking $20,000. I just donated today.
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