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    Default Inside "Hellboy In Hell" #2 With Mike Mignola

    A mythologically heavy installment of Hellboy's journey to his homeland hit this week, and Mike Mignola explains the secrets of Satan, Hellboys' father, Dickensian story structure and more from "Hellboy In Hell" #2.

    Full article here.

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    i loved's almost a director's commentary.

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    Is Sir Edward Grey dead?

    Loved the first issue, but very much looking forward to the second and the rest of this 4 issue run. I love that it is going to be stranger, because the stranger and more surreal issues of Hellboy are my favourites. Especially when they start quoting classics, Dickens/ Shakespeare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScotsScribbler View Post
    Is Sir Edward Grey dead?
    As far as I know, it's never been stated what happened to him to change him into what he is now. Did he die? Maybe. I guess we'll find out eventually...
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Mignola
    So I've roughly structured at least the first three trade paperbacks worth of material. They're standalone stories, but they stack together in a specific way that gives the sense of an ongoing story.
    It's difficult not to get too excited about this. Gotta remember this is gonna take a long time to happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScotsScribbler View Post
    Is Sir Edward Grey dead?
    The more you'd be reading any of the stories or titles, the more you might come to note.

    As of the earliest Hellboy tales, pages feature particular onlookers or followers of Hellboy. As looking on or even as speaking to him, from weird places.
    And sometimes Hellboy would meet those persons in the flesh all of a sudden. Or either hardly.

    It's safe to say those persons could be to function in peculiar ways.
    Dagda, or the faeries, one Sir Edward Grey with a cloak and a weird mask, Hecate, the Baba Yaga, Rasputin or be it the Ogdru Jahad itself, as from really early Hellboy stories, both as BPRD ones.
    Or Mochlomi later on.

    And now, much later on, there'd be at least two figures possible for harking to the name of Sir Edward Grey. Of which it has been said how come he is a "Sir", both as some other stuff, but any of it would be covered or huddled under a cloak of mystery. Like the fixed date and place of one Sir Edward the Witchfinder on her Majesty's secret service, as being seen or heard from alive for a last time, plus with all the mysterious or particulars to how he'd have been found as, or lost as, as story tidbits which may also be found in the Hellboy Companion, for those that wish to.

    I'd really dislike to just bluntly post any such details on here, since the Companion both as all the stories or titles themselves would be covering that most astutely, for getting discovered by anyone willing both as managing to.

    But I'd urge anyone to read "Hellboy: Box Full of Evil" again, in light of the new Hellboy In Hell stories.

    With paying close attention to any showing up of Dagda (the Faerie King and keeper of the Fairy Nether realm) both as Sir Edward Grey.
    It seems even 'statues' or the person of Hellboy could be of particular significance.
    Especially the page or sequence where Hellboy looks like a statue emerged from some watery muddy surface with going: "Where am I? I can't see." After a textbox has gone: "At that moment. Elsewhere" with depicting a tree, an Ygdrassil-like tree.

    Both such figures as Dagda and Edward Grey and maybe Hellboy too would generally appear to be having a special eye or special reference to things, things hidden from mere mortals or people it could be. Although any such person might be to have their own particular ideas on such.
    Like how also Rasputin or Hecate or the Baba Yaga would be or feel to be aware of things particularly. Generally if such would appear within the dialogue, text is often colored blue or greenish - as if to make it stand out.
    In this way may conjecture or potential or promise be to really become part of the story, where officiality or outspoken-ness would not really fit or not seem appropriate all that much?
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