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    Default Trinity War News?

    Has there been any actual concrete news on this event? When do you think we'll get any solid info other than teases?

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    We don't really know much about it except for the tease in the FCBD issue. In one of the latest issues of JLD, Phantom Stranger did say there would be a war coming soon. Most are guessing it centered around Pandora,Phantom Stranger and The Question. It's going to be the first MEGA DC New 52 crossover(no idea if that means most of the new 52 will crossover) and it will be happening fall 2013.

    That is really all we know so far. While one can guess Geoff Johns will handle the writing, that's not confirmed at all. Neither is Jim Lee on art.
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    We pretty much know nothing about it. Which I personally see as a big problem from DC.

    There constant need to be secretive makes it hard to get excited about what's coming up. They did the same thing for Flashpoint, and the only time that series got really talked about was when they finally started talking about the repercussions it would have on the DCU.

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    Well Flashpoint was never intended to reboot the universe, that was just tacked on at the eleventh hour. I get the same impression from Trinity War. They haven't told us what's going to happen because they still haven't worked it out themselves yet.

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    I get that they want to be secretive, but it's leading a lot of people to speculate and make their own conclusions, to the point where if it turns out to be completely different than expected, then people might go from excited/eager to disappointed.

    I'd say that the inclusion of Pandora, Phantom Stranger and The Question, is a given, since Pandora's box is in the teaser spread.

    But beyond that, is there a 3-way battle between the Justice League, the Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark? Or, will the superhero community fracture further, with each of the "Trinity" (Supes, Bats, WW) each joining a different cause (Stranger, Pandora, Question), and the rest of the DCU joining one of those sides?
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    Yeah, John's current stories were plotted before the reboot. The Darkseid origin was thrown together to make it fit into the reboot.

    So to all of those "Batman INC isn't canon in the New 52" people can add Trinity War and most of the post-#5 Justice League. Green Lantern too, I guess.


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