Hey guys, just wanted to take a second and talk about a comic I'm in the middle of making with my girlfriend. It's called Facebeast, and the idea is pretty simple: he's a super hero with a super beard. As an avid beard enthusiast I felt there were't nearly enough super heroes out there that sported a rockin' beard. So I decided to not only make one, but also make his beard the primary source of his powers. Think of it as a shape shifter. It can grow on command and be used to grab, punch, whip, etc.

We recently launched a Kickstarter to help fund the printing of the second issue, so if this sounds like something you're interested in we'd really appreciate all the help we can get. We've come up with some pretty cool rewards, too. You can find the Kickstarter, as well as a sample page (without lettering), here:


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